Bad Fruit Result of Decades of One Sided U.S. Policy for the Middle East

We stated on September 11, 2001 after the fanatical Islamic attack upon the United States that:

“This will not be a time for us to point our fingers or lay partial blame against the leaders in the United States for their past foreign policy. Rather, we must, for the sake of our families, relatives and friends in the North as well as the South, support the President of the United States and, if the United States goes to war, we must support that effort.”

But, now after most of the dust has settled and the extreme grief by the friends and loved ones who lost someone has had a chance to become more numb and now that the war is being prosecuted with aerial bombing and combat ground troops the time has come for us to look hard at the reasons for the vast hatred of the United State by much of the Moslem world and the roots thereof.

To properly evaluate the roots of the problem a historical analysis must go back much further in history to even before the United States existed. To say the least, bad relations developed between Great Britain and Europe versus the remains of the Persian Empire (several Arab states). While that is an over simplification, for this article no further history of that era will be pursued.

However, after the end of World War II certain powerful Jewish banking families decided to militantly create a nation for the Jews in Palestine and re-assert ancient claims to that land based upon the days of Moses and Joshua in spite of the fact that for around 2000 years various people, tribes and families bought and owned estates, farms and territory there. Great Britain, in accordance with the Balfour declaration, began transporting displaced Jewish refugees to Palestine. Palestinian inhabitants living there were wrongfully displaced by force and terrorism.

The powerful banking families pushing this political/religious conquest of Palestine allowed the brutal killing and removal of the families living there and carved out a state they called “Israel”. The predominant political movement behind this was termed Zionism. Much political and economic power was exerted among the Western countries to gain international acceptance of the Zionist idea and recognition of this new state regardless of protests and claims by the displaced Palestinians.

Much trouble has been stirred up over this new state of Israel to which the United States and Britain became its major benefactors. In fact, huge sums of money (in the hundreds of billions of dollars) have been granted and spent by the United States (tax payer’s money) in supporting and maintaining this new state called “Israel”. Many Jews have migrated to Israel from the United States, Europe and Russia.

Various trouble was further stirred up to justify Israel in seizing even more territory from the surrounding neighbors and States in order to enlarge the territory of Israel (reminiscent of the Third Reich Nazi style of justifying their conquest of land for more living room). Surprisingly, the Zionists who were and are today the dominant political force in Israel took measures to exclude groups of Orthodox Jews and other persons of Jewish descent because of their more peaceful political views towards the Palestinians.

Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, Iran, the Sudan and Saudi Arabia all became involved in fighting the Zionist Terrorism being supported by the State of Israel. Wars have been fought involving most of these countries against Israel, but with the strong support of and military aid from the United States Israel continues as a nation. Generations of Moslem Arabs learned to despise the United States for its apparent unfair foreign policy.

Finally, although some Arab nations have come to recognize the right of Israel to exist, they also insist that the Palestinians be allowed to exist as well. Since these Arab nations and the Palestinians are largely Moslem, and since Israel seized the Holy Land including a key Moslem Mosque, it has developed deeply among the Moslems to oppose this Zionism which they now identify as Jewish and thus they tend to hate all Jews. And this in spite of the fact that there are important segments of the Jewish society who bitterly oppose the Zionists. (Remember, a moderate Prime Minister of Israel was assassinated by a radical Zionist.)

Several generations of Moslems have been raised under this general hatred of Israel, the Jews and of Americans because we have been supporting Israel in an obviously biased way. It is difficult for most Americans to understand this hatred since we live in America in such peace with American Jews that we often do not even know whether they are Jewish or some other religion.

Yet today, we Americans are reaping the whirlwind of Moslem hatred against us, even among moderate Moslems, because of our one-sided support of Israel over these several decades. This is the bitter fruit of an unbalanced and unfair foreign policy stretching nearly five decades.

Most Americans are confused as to why these people hate us. The truth is that Moslems shouldn’t hate average Americans for the mistakes of their Federal Government over the years. Yet, fairness is not in the equation since we are dealing with a highly religious, highly polarized and poorly educated mass of people in the world being termed “Islam”.

In our War on Terrorism, how can we overlook the brutal State backed terrorism and State programmed assassinations going on now and which has gone on for decades from Zionist Israel. In fact, were it not for this terrorist assault by Israel against its neighbors, especially the Palestinians, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, terrorist organizations in those countries would not have had the degree of hatred necessary to spring up and into action against Israel which has now culminated with the establishment of the al Qaeda terrorist network protected by the Taliban Government of Afghanistan. The people of Islam who are subject to the influence of these various Moslem terrorist leaders have grown into millions and they hate the Jews and Americans equally. Many call America the Great Satan.

Our erroneous foreign policy positions over the past decades has brought us to the brink of a terrible religious world war. This should not be our fight. It is a Zionist mess, not ours. Yet we allowed it to happen and now we are at War.

In our prosecution of the War on Terrorism against the Taliban/al Qaeda Government of Afghanistan, President Bush has done the right thing in trying to save 6 million Afghans from starvation this winter by supplying hundreds of tons of food to them. Secondly, our War effort has clearly and carefully avoided as much as possible injuring or killing innocent civilians. These things will pay us large dividends in Islam as we pull out of Afghanistan once a new government is installed.

Fortunately, both President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair of Great Britain have publicly called for the establishment of the State of Palestine. This, if backed by action on our part and the actual establishment of the Palestine State, will go a long way in softening the Islamic hatred against America.

Fairness is all that is required of us by some of the Islamic leaders. If we persist in our benevolent treatment of the starving Afghans and a more fair foreign policy now surfacing and being displayed to the world, and if we make demands of the Zionists of Israel to cease their terrorism and military attacks upon innocent civilians in Palestine, we may avoid this terrible religious world war above mentioned.< With the help of the moderate Moslem majority, Islamic terrorism can be largely eradicated. Peace in the Middle East can be a reality and the security of Israel would then be enhanced.


 After the attack of September 11, 2001 upon the United States President Bush called for a War on Terrorism, but to his credit Bush wanted authorization from Congress to prosecute the War. But Congress, which is riddled with weak liberal police-state type thinking coupled with decades of experience of stupid “Police Actions” such as Korea and Viet Nam,were unable to muster the courage to Constitutionally DECLARE WAR ON THE TALIBAN GOVERNMENT OF AFGHANISTAN.

Instead, on September 15, 2001 Congress weakly authorized the President to use whatever military force that might be needed to destroy the terrorists who were linked to the September 11th attack. This nearly amounted to a Declaration of War, but fell short by failing to identify the State to be attacked and by failing to call it a Declaration of War. (Even the conservatives failed to have the courage to legally Declare War. Perhaps Congress hasn’t read the Constitution well enough*).

Since then it appears that some Anthrax contamination of a couple of offices of the Senate has occurred. This news caused the inept and cowardly Legislature to flee their posts in mass even though no evidence of contamination has been reported in the Legislative Office Building. Yet they have our servicemen risking their lives daily in combat over Afghanistan. But, the U. S. Senate, to their credit, refused to abandon their posts and remained in session today and shall be in session again tomorrow in spite of some actual contamination in their building.

Meanwhile, absent an actualDeclaration of War, there has been some consternation among our commanders as to whether they could legally attack and kill an individual Taliban or al Qaeda leader. Had War been officially and correctly declared, a whole barrage of laws and practices would have come into play; Presidential Executive Orders would be more acceptable to the public and our military commanders would have less hesitancy to act.

It has been reported that weakness and appeasement exist among some in the Pentagon and worse, among some of the National Security Council advisors to the President. It has been reported that Secretary of State Powell has been among those holding back on the war effort while stretching tippy-toe diplomacy to the extreme approaching appeasement with States that have clearly been backing the very terrorist network we are now fighting.

Some diplomacy was necessary, of course, to gain access to air routes to Afghanistan, but the military has been held back from sufficiently supporting the opposition Northern Alliance (United Front) who has the support of the King of Afghanistan Just today, in the face of many questions concerning this apparent battlefield appeasement, a few token sorties of air support were flown in support of the Northern Alliance, mainly in Mazare i Sherif. We need the airbase there to prosecute the war and reduce our perceived dependence upon Pakistan.

This diplomatic appeasement has shown up, for example, in our unwillingness to come down on Saudi Arabia who has been the main country financing Osama bin Laden because of the sentiments of some of the royal family. This diplomatic appeasement has further surfaced in our turning our heads away from the anti American demonstrations in Pakistan which are being led by some 300 Pakistani pro-Taliban clerics (terrorists hiding in clerics cloaks) and this taken with the knowledge that Pakistan is principally responsible for the building up of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan in the first place should alert us to the probable unreliability of Pakistan as an ally.

The resulting pressure of these anti-American demonstrations upon the Government of Pakistan may be causing Pakistan to lobby the United States against support for the Northern Alliance whom the pro-Taliban clerics and a minority of pro-Taliban populations in Pakistan oppose. In other words this pressure is an excuse for appeasement on the part of Pakistan.

This is not a valid excuse for the United States, however. Since we are nearly in a Declared War, appeasement should not be tolerated at home or abroad as it amounts to giving aid and comfort to the enemy, which approaches treason. ** Pakistan is a nation who has heavily backed the Taliban in Afghanistan as well as in Pakistan.

Pakistan has allowed use of their air space in exchange for certain financial payoffs by the United States. Let us not forget that India, who hates the Taliban, also has offered us use of their air space, thus we are not held hostage so to speak by Pakistan nor should our diplomats bend in appeasement because of the many anti-American and pro-Taliban riots in Pakistan.

This type of tippy-toe diplomatic appeasement is now surfacing more boldly in suggesting that some of these criminal Taliban clerics should be allowed to participate in the new government of Afghanistan. Such suggestions are being parroted by certain news media as well.

It must be remembered that the Taliban was given ample warning and time prior to the U. S. air strikes to dismantle the terrorist training camps, turn over Osama bin Laden and the other al Qaeda leaders and they refused. To put some of these Taliban leaders in a new provisional government of Afghanistan would be the same having certain high command Nazi SS 0fficers to participate in the post War government of Germany.

If Taliban leaders are allowed to participate in the new government, we must suspiciously look closely for the lucrative heroin link that might benefit some of our appeasing bureaucrats. In fact, such suggestion of that action of putting Taliban leaders into the future government of Afghanistan would either amount to propaganda trickery against the Taliban or “Diplomatic Terrorism” on the part of the suggesting bureaucrats.

Another way of considering this ridiculous idea is to compare the Taliban with a group of drug dealer bank robbers who killed dozens of people in a bank robbery. All such robbers involved would be criminally guilty and would need to be brought to justice. Yet in spite of that, what if certain important people stepped forward insisting that some of the robbers involved were “more moderate killers” and therefore should not be treated as criminals? And instead of being brought to justice they should be allowed to help guard the bank in the future. Such thinking would be either insane or treasonous.

Clamoring for a few moderate Taliban leaders to be allowed to take part in a new government headed by the King of Afghanistan who is currently working to put together a provisional government is at least criminal appeasement. And what should we do about those 300 pro-Taliban clerics living in Pakistan leading anti-American riots? Should they not be brought to justice as well?

They are all part of the terrorist network of Osama bin Laden that must be destroyed. And this as much for the sake of preservation of the mainstream Moslem religion throughout the world as it is for the United States in its War on Terrorism. Islam will be as much the winner with these terrorist networks removed as will the United States.

All of the Taliban leaders, including the moderates, are guilty of aiding and abetting terrorism and of given safe harbor to the terrorists and are therefore as guilty under our laws as the terrorists themselves. In fact, the Taliban are terrorists themselves hiding in cleric’s cloaks. If there are moderate Taliban leaders who help the United States in the destruction of the Taliban regime, some leniency might be reasonable, but any moderates who hold out until the end must be prosecuted as war criminals along with the hard liners.

Furthermore, charges should be brought against Americans who clamor for clemency for the Taliban and for inclusion of them in the new government of Afghanistan. There is no valid excuse for treasonous appeasement which we have so often seen by some bureaucrats in the past in Washington even under the veil of diplomacy (tippy-toe or not).

As for our inept Congress who has been unable to pass an airline safety bill in 5 weeks following the attack upon the American people, their panicked abdication of their duty in the face of perceived threats may actually be beneficial to the American people since they are so inept in the face of emergency anyhow. Their abdication simply offers the opportunity and the need for rapid and responsible executive orders by the President to shore up airline security measures for the protection of the flying public.

Once the Congressmen do return to their offices, a first order of business for them should be to pass a bill of clarification which defines their bill passed on September 15, 2001 as a Declaration of Waragainst the Taliban Government of Afghanistan and the various terrorist networks involved in the September 11th attack on the United States. This action would also later allow for a peace treaty to be signed with a new provisional government of Afghanistan to be installed, perhaps under King Mohammed Zahir Shah.

As for President Bush, once he returns from China, his first order of business should be to issue an Executive Order outlining and enforcing a complete airline safety program. Congress can be expected to delay such a bill for many weeks more, squabbling amongst themselves. Such an executive order could be issued on a 120 day basis allowing Congress the opportunity to pass such legislation making the further continuance of such airline safety executive order unnecessary.


 Although, most constitutionally minded people, not limited to Confederates, are at least highly suspicious if not downright in opposition to Executive Orders, things are constitutionally and legally different during war which is a time of national emergency.

In spite of unity by the legislature since the September 11, 2001 attack upon the United States, Congress has failed to perform adequately in connection with the airlines of America and are, in fact, derelict in their duty on this matter of protecting the public during time of war. It has been nearly 30 days since the attack upon America and our airlines are at greater risk now than ever and the security is only slightly improved.

The electronic screening of passengers and their carry on luggage is being more rigorously applied, but this should have been the case all along. But still only about 10% of the checked baggage is being x-rayed and most airline cockpit doors are not beefed up and locked. The FAA is still resisting allowing pilots to be armed, a measure strongly supported by the pilot’s union and the American public. In fact most of the improvements that have been put in place are either virtually ineffective or simply there for cosmetic effects to falsely restore public confidence in flying in the face of the strong terrorist threats against the airlines.

The National Guard walking and standing around with M-16 rifles looks good to the average traveler. It gives the appearance of security. But, what do these guardsmen actually do to enhance security in flying?? Do they assist in supervising the maintenance of the planes or in the loading of the baggage or in the loading of the food service?

NO! They are just present for the appearance sake. The only thing that their present might enhance is security against a group of terrorists making an overt assault on an airport.

Our airlines are at greater risk now than before the September 11th attack and both Congress and the Executive Branch are at fault. It will likely takes weeks or months for the new National Homeland Security Agency to have much real impact upon airline safety through pressure upon the multitude of agencies they will be trying to coordinate.

Either Congress and the Executive Branch must act immediately, or Americans must insist that their local Sheriff Departments take over the security of the Airports in their counties to replace the Federal ineptness, whether or not the flights will cross state lines. The Governors of the various States have the authority to take back control of their National Guard units, placing them at the disposal of the local sheriff departments involved in order to supply the necessary manpower to accomplish the task.

Hear us Washington! We are mad and not fooled. We have no choice but to take matters into our own personal hands aboard flights. If someone or group attempts to take over the aircraft and or gain access to the cockpit, we, the individual passengers, must act to save our own lives in self defense and no Federal edict against this can prevent our action.

Either you, in Washington act quickly, or anarchy will be the rule of the skies in our flights. Our only other alternative as potential victims of air terrorism is to call for a national strike against flying aboard commercial airlines. That will bring the airline industry to a halt and plunge our economy into depression, but it will also prevent commercial air terrorism and save the lives of the innocent citizenry.

History has shown that Congress is not normally able to respond to such domestic civil defense measures with sufficient unity to speedily pass effective legislation to provide for this defense of the lives of the American public. Indeed, now for several weeks Congress has not passed effective legislation to provide real security for passengers of the commercial airline industry.

Therefore, the Federation of States and its associated state Southern Independence Party organizations now calls upon President Bush to expeditiously issue the required Executive Orders to insure real airline security. An example of such an order is now rendered below:


1.    All commercial passenger AIRCRAFT operating in the territory of the United States are hereby grounded until the following steps are taken:

A.  The cockpit door must be beefed up to prevent breaking down from the cabin to gain access to the cockpit and the keys for the lock thereto must not be in the hands of the airborne flight crew. The lock should be latched from the inside of the cockpit.

B.  The cockpit door must be bullet proofed as well as the inside of the cockpit against bullets fired from the front rest room or from the beverage service area through the wall into the cockpit.

C.  Cockpit video screens must be installed with cameras which allow the pilots to view the activity in the cabin.

D.  A peep hole must be installed as an additional method of pilot surveillance of the cabin area.

E.  The Transponder on the aircraft must be secured to prevent turning off from the cockpit including fuse access.

Once these steps have been taken an individual aircraft shall be certified and lifted from the grounded list of aircraft.

2.  The following commercial passenger AIRCREW requirements must be met prior to allowing any certified commercial passenger aircraft clearance to depart from their designated gate.

A.  Pilots and aircrew, including any Air Marshals must be checked for proper credentials including photo IDs by Federal Agents prior to boarding the aircraft.

B.  Likewise, all airline personnel working the gate boarding areas must be checked for proper credentials including photo IDs by Federal Agents.

C.  Furthermore, all ground and servicing crew must be checked for proper credentials including photo IDs by Federal Agents prior to being allowed access to the servicing area of each aircraft.

D.  The pilots must be in their flight seats with the cockpit door locked and may be armed after proper Federal certification.

E.  An armed Air Marshall must be aboard in uniform and must have presented his credentials to the captain of the flight. This shall not preclude other under cover Air Marshals from being aboard larger flights, but he/or they must also have presented their credentials to the captain of the flight.

F.  The aircraft transponder must be on and identified by the FAA prior to clearance to leave the gate.

3.  The following commercial passenger AIRLINE requirements must be met prior to allowing any certified commercial passenger aircraft under their usage or command clearance to depart from any gate.

A.  No carry on baggage or packages shall be left in the cabin or restrooms from a previous flight, unless the owner of such carry on baggage or package is aboard on a continuing flight. This will require individual checks to verify that the owners of any such carry on baggage or package are in fact still aboard.

B.  All checked baggage (100%) shall be x-rayed and checked for bombs by the airline involved. National Guard units may be trained and deployed to assist the airlines in this task.

C.  All tickets for passengers must contain the number ID of any baggage checked and this must be computerized.

D.  Boarding passes must contain the name of the passenger as shown on their ticket and as verified at the gate by a photo ID.

E.  Once boarding has occurred, should any ticketed passenger who has checked baggage not be on board, the flight must be delayed while such baggage is removed or the involved passenger is boarded. No baggage may be transported by any airline carrying passengers without the corresponding passenger associated with such baggage being aboard.

4.  The following commercial AIRPORT requirements must be met prior to allowing any flights to depart from commercial airports within the jurisdiction of the United States.

A.  Federal Immigration Officers shall stop each person attempting to enter the electronic surveillance area and require presentation of their ticket and a photo ID which must match the name on the ticket. Next, Immigration Officers shall inquire into the nationality of the person, requesting the necessary proof such as Social Security Cards, Voters Registration Cards, Passports, Visas, Work Permits and other identification normally required at points of entry into the United States, even for flights originating and terminating within the United States. NIC Checks could be run on the spot and the nationality should be computer entered in conjunction with the ticket into an airport data base.

B.  Rigorous electronic surveillance of passengers and carry on baggage entering the airport concourse area according to existing regulations must be enforced and supervised by Federal Agents.

C.  Other existing regulations concerning carry on luggage must be observed.

D.  Airport parking must be arranged to keep passenger vehicles from parking too close to the terminal area.

E.  Security surveillance must be established for parking areas.

F.  National Guard units may be trained to repeal any terrorist group attempting to assault the air terminal including the tower, aircraft and fuel areas.

G.  Samples of fuel being unloaded from fuel trucks onto aircraft must be taken and checked for any contaminants that might be dangerous and security of such fuel depots and trucks must be maintained by armed personnel, either federal, state or county law enforcement officers or National Guardsmen.

5.  The following PASSENGER requirements shall be enforced.

A.  Ticketed Passengers desiring to check baggage must check their baggage at least three hours prior to the scheduled departure of their flight.

B.  Ticketed Passengers must not have on their person nor in their carry on luggage any knives, corkscrews, scissors, single edge razor blades, fingernail clippers or files or any other sharp or pointed object, nor any firearm or ammunition whatsoever, nor any cigarette lighter or flammable fluid. Any such items may only be packed in checked baggage and in the case of firearms or ammunition, such must be declared and separately disarmed, disassembled, tagged and checked with the airline being used.

C.  Air Marshals and/or other authorized Federal Agents and Federally Certified Pilots are excepted from this firearm exclusion and may be allowed to board armed.

D.  Ticketed Passengers must present themselves to the gate boarding pass booth at lease one hour, but no more than two hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.

E.  All ticketed passengers must present to U. S. Immigration Officers a photo ID of themselves and also identification which shows which country they are citizens of such as voters’ registration certificates, social security cards, passports, visas, work permits and other identification normally required at points of entry into the United States prior to being allowed to enter the electronic surveillance area and the boarding concourse areas.

F.  All ticketed passengers must maintain personal control and supervision of their own carry on luggage in the concourse area.

G.  No one will be allowed to leave luggage or packages untended in the airport terminal. Such luggage will be confiscated and the owner thereof will be subject to a fine or arrest.

H.  Any jokes or threats in connection with terrorist activities will be taken seriously by security personnel and will subject the offending person to arrest.

6.  A Federal Tax shall be added to all commercial passenger flight tickets. This Tax shall be paid directly to the Airport Terminal involved in the embarkation of passengers and to the commercial passenger airline involved to defray most of the expenses of these stringent security measures.

Such an Executive Order should be limited during this national emergency and/or until Congress passes adequate legislation covering the same areas, after which the President could sign such bills and issue an order terminating the executive order.


Finally, 26 days after the devastating Pearl Harbor type surprise attack upon the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the United States launched overt military strikes against the Taliban government of Afghanistan. Reports indicate that 31 targets were hit and that the attack was very successful. Included in the attacks were attacks on the al Qaeda troops who had been rushed to the border with Uzbekistan. The attacks are continuing at night and should continue at night until sufficient removal of anti aircraft fire has been obtained to allow day time missions of troop support.

President Bush specifically named the operation changing it a third time now to “Operation Enduring Freedom” which is a much better choice of words in our opinion.

With these attacks the U. S. has obtained credibility and military respect. As expected, the Taliban supporters in Pakistan have rioted. But, now that the resolve of the United States has been shown with force, most of this resistance to the U.S. attacks on the Taliban will dwindle away in the face of strength, resolve and persistence in our attacks.

Perhaps the most effective tool to cause millions of Afghans to realize that the United States is their friend, not their enemy is our humanitarian food drop program to the refugees. That will cause a definite dwindling away of support for the Taliban government.

Also, President Bush announced formally to the United Nations that the United States may attack terrorist bases and assets outside of Afghanistan. He is to be commended for this step. That will add to the dwindling effect of Taliban supporters, certainly at the State level of these harboring governments.

The President is, in fact, operating with a September 15, 2001 Congressional authorization to use military force against terrorist organizations who were involved in the September 11, 2001 attack against the United States including those nations or groups who harbor the terrorists. Although Congress did not quite have the courage to use the term “declaration of war” the nearly unanimous vote granting the authority legally amounts to a declaration of war.

Confederate Americans are encouraged to support President Bush and the United States in this war effort and the Federation of States approves of the present handling of the situation by the President at this time. We give him a thumbs up.


Whereas, The Southern Independence Party, after evaluation of the international affairs, evidence found, and with knowledge of the military potentials, now believes that Congress should declare that the Taliban government is a Terrorist State which is tightly linked with a vast terrorist network throughout the world and is essentially controlled by Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda military and terrorist forces and who has been the world’s leading producer of illegal opium in Afghanistan.

And whereas, the Taliban Government has proven to have been excessively cruel to and destructive of the people of Afghanistan, growing poppies rather than food thus bringing millions of the people of Afghanistan to the edge of extermination through starvation, proving they are not the friends of the people of Afghanistan nor are the evil actions of the Taliban in accordance with the Koran.

And whereas, in regards to the previously indicted fugitive, Osama bin Laden, has been exposed to be the real leader in charge of the Taliban as well as the al Qaeda terrorist network and a key factor in several other of the world’s worst terrorist organizations.

And whereas, substantial evidence has been discovered (including admission for bombing U. S. Embassies) indicating that Osama bin Laden is the mastermind and financier of the recent attacks upon the World Trade Center and the Pentagon as well as the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and later bombing of U. S. Embassies and the U. S. S. Cole.

Further, whereas this dictator, Osama bin Laden of the Taliban and the al Qaeda terrorist network, has formally Declared War on the United States,

It is therefore resolved by the Southern Independence Party that the time has come for Congress to shoulder their responsibility and Declare War on the Taliban Government and its associated terrorist networks so that the United States may honestly and constitutionally pursue the destruction of the Taliban Government and aid anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan as well as aiding the starving people of Afghanistan.

In the furtherance of this resolution, we therefore petition the Congress of the United States to:

1. Declare the Taliban Government a rouge and terrorist State
2. That the Taliban Government has been allowing terrorist training camps to operate and plan terrorist missions and is protecting and harboring terrorists including Osama bin Laden, and
3. That the Taliban Government is directly and indirectly responsible for the attack upon the World Trade Center in New York City and upon the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and therefore to
4. Formally and legally Declare War on the Taliban Government of Afghanistan and its terrorist links.

Please print the Petition page that follows as needed and get them signed soon. Send these to:

H. D. Gresham, National Chairman, 12, 522 Mill ridge Dr., Cypress, Texas 77429


It has been 20 days since the United States was viciously attacked in Manhattan (New York) and in Washington, D.C. There has still been no overt military strike against Taliban controlled Afghanistan. To be sure, other phases of this operation have gone into effect, mainly the diplomatic phase wherein the Bush administration seems to think they must have the world behind them on actions they may take and that they must even have the tacit approval by these various nations of this ridiculous “Global Coalition” against terrorism.

Oh, yes, and supposedly many countries have frozen some of the known assets of the Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda network A massive, but after the fact, investigation of terrorist contacts in the United States and elsewhere is underway which has turned up some additional incriminating evidence. Food marked “USA” is being shipped by the UN to starving people in the north of Afghanistan, which is commendable and wise.

But, weakness, appeasement and indecision are beginning to be apparent in the Bush administration while trying too hard to please the other countries who are asking for courtroom evidence of Osama bin Laden’s involvement in the WTC and Pentagon attacks.

Is it not enough that Osama bin Laden was linked to the WTC basement bombing in 1993, the bombing of U.S. Embassies and the U.S.S. Cole as well as his declaration of war against the United States? The Bush administration is now trying to get away with treating this like a police action that will end up in court rather than a war.

(Wars end up in war crimes trials after the war).
It has become abundantly clear that Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda military forces in Afghanistan and in 54 other locations (according to Russian reports) is tightly linked with the Taliban and, in fact, in command of the Taliban. The reality is that the Taliban is a horrible terrorist organization both within Afghanistan and worldwide hiding in clerics cloaks.

It is time for the Bush administration to boldly label the Taliban as a terrorist organization (all of them, even the moderates) and to be honest enough to ask Congress to Declare War on the Taliban Government of Afghanistan. Then, we must immediately begin providing air support for the Northern Alliance against the Taliban. If Pakistan doesn’t like it – too bad.

We have India and Russia and we can do without Pakistan, if necessary. Pakistan had as much to do with setting up the Taliban and an Opium Afghanistan economy as did the CIA. As far as any moderates among the Taliban clerics, that is like a moderate among killers. Still, for their assistance in war crimes trials, they might receive lighter sentences.

Then, as promised by President Bush, we must pursue the search and destroy mission against the various terrorist organizations found linked with al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. We should call upon our leaders to pursue this war alone, if necessary, or with such strong and real allies who will whole heartedly support our actions, no excuses. We must free the world and North America from this scourge of terrorism.

Please refer also to “Pearl Harbor Type Attack on the United States” dated September 11, 2001 and “Confederate Views on Bush’s Phantom War on Terrorism” dated September 25, 2001 found at or


Mexican President Vicente Fox has made a compelling suggestion to President Bush to grant amnesty to some 3 million Mexicans living illegally in the United States in violation of our immigration laws. The United States has no real idea who these people are or even if they are all Mexican citizens or from some other country, even possibly Islamic.

At the same time, there are hundreds and thousands of Mexican citizens living, working and going to school in the United States with proper papers in accordance with our immigration laws. These have gone to the trouble to be legal. And, we already have a very adequate Hispanic population of American Citizens living in the United States.

We are now being asked to reward those who have violated our laws and our borders by giving them the same legal status as those Mexicans who have obeyed our laws. One of the arguments is that these Mexican illegals are helping build the United States by filling our worker gap. In reality, they are taking jobs away from Americans who are out of work by the hundreds of thousands now.

The United States, in recent decades, has been inundated with masses of humanity from all over the world, but predominantly from Islamic countries, India, Asia and Mexico. This has happened mostly through legal channels opened by a false concept held by the establishment behind both major parties that diversity was desirable and would strengthen the United States.

Even more dangerous has been our foreign student program which bypasses immigration requirements entirely leaving the United States unaware of how many, from where, and who they are among these foreign students in our universities.

We now have a nation of arrogant strangers living amongst us who did not help build this nation, who do not know its history and who do not share our culture. The liberal lie that the United States is supposed to be a melting pot for humanity is simply that, a lie. That was never the idea of the founding fathers, nor of the Confederacy.

The South has accepted the black population and its culture as part of the South and has a history of very good racial relations between not only the Blacks, but also the Hispanics. Early in the formation of this nation, groups of Germans, Poles, Swedes, Italians and Irish came in with the English and Scots who settled here amongst the Native Americans to form a reasonably good culture. But, the liberal designs of Fabian Socialists in high places in our government and in academia have worked hard to destroy what used to be “America” in a process of cultural confusion and dilution.

We are now reaping the whirlwind of bitter dust for this policy of liberalism in our immigration policies and are suffering very serious terrorist attacks with the prospect of more. How can we, even in our most lax moment, now be expected to grant amnesty to 3 million more immigrants from Mexico?

Although perhaps we should rather have Mexican immigrants than immigrants from Islam, India and Asia. After all, Mexicans are at least North Americans from a neighboring nation, but we should say no to Amnesty as proposed. Perhaps a program of probationary registration could work and after the end of a successful probationary period, such workers could receive legal right to work papers as documented workers.

Meanwhile, we should rapidly arrest all other violators who do not register according to our immigration laws, and process them for deportation. We should not reward violators of our laws nor give them free rides to the border. Once arrested and convicted for immigration violations, they should serve a period of six months to a year in work camp prisons prior to deportation.