Was not the creation of the United States of America a result of an independence movement against the then world order of the British Empire? Yea verily it was.

Did not the success of George Washington and the valiant few (3-5% of the Colonial population) who stood with him pledging their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for the cause of American independence inspire other people to rebel and seek independence from the world’s colonial powers? Yea verily it did.

Did not these our forefathers Declare Independence on July 4, 1776 and then form a Confederacy of Colonies (States) under the Articles of Confederation of 1779 as an interim government? Yea verily they did.

Furthermore, was it not the desire and intent of these brave revolutionary American leaders to establish a more perfect union amongst their several states by preparing and signing a Constitution of 1789 which guaranteed a union of State Republics maintaining State’s rights and local government rather than allowing a new monarchy of a federal union to rule under a provisional king called President? Yea verily history clearly shows that was their intent.

Our founding fathers made provisions for a short term President to be elected by the states and planned for a fractured government to be installed under an executive branch, a legislative branch and a judicial branch to safeguard against the usurpation of power under the federal aspects of the union bureaucracy in favor of State’s rights and local control of most of the government. Yea, this they did.

Was this a perfect government and were our founding fathers without error? No, of course not. But, they formed the most magnificent new government against world monarchies that recent history had seen.

Benjamin Franklin reportedly answered when asked what kind of government had they formed as follows: On Sept 18, 1787 in response to a Mrs. Powell’s question. “Well doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy?” B. Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Did we keep it? No, I am afraid history firmly shows we did not keep it.

Soon, powerful and rich forces began vying for more power and economic control over each other among the former colonies. They began to bend the Constitution and the intent of the founders thereof and in some cases, even justifying violating some parts of that Constitution to further their private aims of wielding unfair economic advantage over others and in seeking more federal power. By the 1830’s the situation had become a serious conflict between various states, not all in the south either.

The final blow was the election of a known unscrupulous immoral man who championed the northern mercantile and industrial powers by desiring to consolidate, even more, federal power over the states and to build an even more powerful federal bureaucracy.

Especially in the southern agricultural states, but even including states in the East and large segments of populations in certain northern states, the election of Abraham Lincoln (a slave owner and believer in Negro inferiority) was seen as a final blow against the Republic referred to by Benjamin Franklin. Welcome to seldom mentioned facts about Abraham Lincoln who was championed as a hero by world communists and the Yankee Republican administration in Washington.

The result was the rapid secession of seven states and the formation of a new and independent nation called the Confederate States of America, carefully designed around the original intent of and the U. S. Constitution of 1789 itself. President Jefferson Davis (who owned no slaves) was elected as President of the CSA and Robert E. Lee (who owned no slaves) was made General of the Northern Virginia Army. The Capital of this new nation copied after that Confederacy founded by our founding fathers was Richmond, Virginia.

The President of the United States was still James Buchanan, pending the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln. President Buchanan recognized the right of those seven states to secede and to form their own nation. He ordered the peaceful turn over of the forts, ports and naval yards in the south to troops of the new Confederacy. It appeared to most that the new CSA and the USA would be able to make this adjustment peacefully and continue as friends, neighbors and relatives as well as trading partners.

That all changed immediately upon the inauguration of the new Republican President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, who had corresponded with communist Karl Marx who was in exile in London. Lincoln ordered a cessation of the peaceful turnover of forts in the south to the CSA and then ordered a military attack upon the new country in a terrible war of Northern aggression reminiscent of the two British wars against American independence.

The Northern Yankee armies greatly outnumbered the Southern Confederate armies and the CSA did not have the resource reserves that the USA had and thus, by 1865, several of the Confederate armies had collapsed which is when General Robert E. Lee surrendered his Northern Virginia Army. Four other Confederate generals continued the war, mainly in Texas, Oklahoma and the Arizona Territory for 18 months longer.

Although, President Jefferson Davis was captured and imprisoned by Lincoln, he refused to surrender the Confederate States of America government. He was later released due to pressure by the U.S. Supreme Court. Finally, all of the Confederate soldiers just ran out of ammunition and food and simply went home.

The north sent in their armies, under orders from Lincoln, and replaced all of the State governments with governors and legislatures favorable to Washington without the will of the southern people being allowed. This was the beginning of the severe repression of the South called “Reconstruction”, which to some extent is still being practiced today both politically and economically against the South.

Men and women in the South have lately been attempting to educate their people with the idea of the Restoration of the legal government of the Confederate States of America. The main focus of this restoration of the CSA, however, is to accomplish this politically at the State levels and to avoid any type of military or terrorist action. The world has just seen a phenomenal breakup of the U.S.S.R. into independent nations.

The independence from Russia has mostly been accomplished with little or no bloodshed. Scotland has finally been able to re-establish a major degree of independence from Great Britain by electing their own legislature. The timing seems right for southerners interested in their Confederate heritage to begin anew in pushing for the restoration of the independent government of the Confederate States of America.

Yet, since the World Trade Center’s destruction of September 11, 2001, and the resulting war against terrorism, three things have happened. There has been a resurgence of patriotism for the United States after this attack which to some extent drained away some Confederate Patriotism, there has been a strong increase in police activity against possible terrorist groups in the United States and worldwide, and there has been the failure to differentiate between terrorist groups and separatist or independence groups.

President Bush’s Coalition appears to be working towards stopping all independence movements by stamping out such citizen’s movements in favor of maintaining established governments. The Bush Coalition does not seem to differentiate between terrorist groups and legitimate independence or separatist groups.

To be sure, first there were communist led and financed revolutions, which used terrorism and guerrilla military force to gain control of certain countries.

And then, since the apparent collapse of communism, we have seen the rise of Islamic militants and terrorists such as those financed mostly out of Saudi Arabia known as al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Yemen and Sudan who seem to focus on trying to establish a world-wide Islamic State and spread Islamism amongst the Moslem world.

But, we also see separatist groups who are Islamic in Kashmir and in the Philippine Islands and Indonesia.

Then we see the Middle East mess with Israel fighting against what they call Palestinian terrorism and the Palestinians claiming to be fighting for their independence and statehood.

The Bush administration must define “Terrorist and Terrorism” in order to be able to impartially differentiate between these various groups as to which are Terrorist and which are genuine independence movements.

Are India and Pakistan Terrorist States in their wars and other terrorist activities over Kashmir? The question cannot be answered impartially by Washington until they learn how to differentiate between terrorism and resistance or independence movements.

From a Confederate point of view, then, we would offer the following constructive suggestions:

Terrorism is where any individual, group or nation uses deadly force to attack another individual, group or nation. (State Criminal laws exist in the United States in connection with one individual attacking another with assaultive or deadly force and this is usually not termed a terrorist act, but a criminal act.)

But, where one group attacks another group, such as gang or mob warfare, and uses assaultive or deadly force, the term terrorism seems to apply, even though we may have criminal laws on the books to handle the problem.

Where a group organized in one nation attacks a group within another nation or the other nation itself, that is clearly international terrorism. Where one State attacks another State with assaultive and/or deadly force, this is clear terrorism otherwise called acts of war.

Finally, where a group within an occupied nation attacks the occupying forces within their own occupied territory, this takes on the clear appearance of resistance or an independence movement even if deadly force is used. Such groups should not be labeled “Terrorist” unless they cross into an occupying nation to launch their attack, but then it may have been in response to a new invasion or atrocities committed by the occupying nation that justified such a seemingly terrorist action.

(A hypothetical question to highlight this example would be as follows: Suppose that England had been a physical neighbor with a common land border with the colonies during the English war against the American Independence movement. Would it have been terrorism for General Washington to invade, with deadly force, London in retaliation?)

Another example of a violent war of resistance is the war for Irish Catholic independence being fought by the IRA in Northern Ireland.

However, an example of interest to Confederate Americans is the drive for independence by the people of Quebec which has been peaceful and patient and which appears likely to win their independence during this decade.

The war against the Taliban regime of Afghanistan ended officially on December 22, 2001 when the new provisional government of Afghanistan took office. There will be mop up operations hunting down Oaeda and Taliban leaders, but the Bush administration will now seek terrorism in other countries including the United States.

We call for President Bush to better define and differentiate terrorism from resistance or acts of liberation so that the war on terrorism can have more definite limits and true secessionist or freedom movements not be hindered by the United States or its Coalition.


By releasing the November 2001 video of Usama bin Laden (UBL) and his top officials the Bush administration has produced evidence that will convince the western world, most of India, China and Russia as well as people in the Americas of the clear admission of guilt and responsibility of UBL for the September 11, 2001 attack on America.

The evidence is sufficient to convict, even in a U.S. Federal Court, UBL and his associates of the crimes of premeditated murder of the innocent. The average American watching this November 2001 video will be impressed and have his conviction of the guild of UBL strengthened and verified.

But, the Federation of States, who attempts to view these world events which will involve Southern men and women in the United States military from a view point of our friendship to the United States and support for the people of the Non-South United States finds that it must also view these events from the standpoint of what is good for the Confederacy as it is now and as we hope it will become again as an independent nation.

Over the last two or three weeks, we have seen a deliberate slight against the Palestinian cause for independence from Israel and a clear leaning now only towards Israel, but even an inferred indorsement for the Zionist Terrorist attacks against the people of Palestine backed up by actual invasion and war by the State of Israel against the people of Palestine.

This, no doubt, will substantially reduce cooperation from the U. S. Coalition of Islamic nations including Pakistan, Iran, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. (Iraq is not part of the U. S. Coalition and the others are just barely aboard). All of these Arab nations support a homeland for the Palestinian people and hate Israel for their continual terrorist killings of Palestinian civilians.

Now, with the release of this entire November 2001 video of UBL, instead of a release of selected parts of the message that incriminate UBL, the United States provides incitement for Moslem fundamentalists worldwide to join an Islamic Jihad against the West and the United States and Israel in particular.

The message even signals for an additional major attack upon the United States during the Moslem holy month of Ramadan which ends this Sunday. Terrorist cells who may not have gotten the message to attack have now received that message and/or even Moslem extremists who are not involved in any terrorist organization may decide that it is their religious duty to attack America and sacrifice themselves for Allah.

The whole message is a call to arms to young Moslems by the fascistic Islamism of Usama bin Laden. The release of the entire body of the video will greatly increase terrorism from Islam against the West while infuriating Americans even more against Islam.

Americans shout that UBL attacked and killed thousands of innocent Americans, but Islamic Moslems do not consider those working in the World Trade Center towers or the Pentagon as innocent. In fact, Islamic extremists worldwide are being asked by UBL in the video to conduct a Jihad against all unbelievers, especially the infidels in America and comparing the actions now under way with those historic actions and victories of their prophet Mohammed. Enough religious instruction was given in the UBL tapes to inspire thousands of young Moslems to a worldwide Islamic battle against the infidels of Satan. (The United States is called the Big Satan). The U. S. allowed all of these inciting tirades of Usama bin Laden to be viewed worldwide.

The release of the fulness of this video is either a blunder made by policy makers who lack the ability to think like Moslems, or it is a deliberate action to incite a much larger and longer war that could grow to historic Crusades proportions pitting Christendom against Islam worldwide in a holy war. There is no way that such a war will benefit Christendom in general, nor the South in particular, although it may enhance U. S. World Empire building at the expense of thousands of deaths of our young Southern men in the U. S. military.

Who would benefit the most from such a worldwide holy war other than the Empire of the United States? Clearly, Zionist Israel would reap a very great benefit not only by the Western destruction of the Islamic states and terrorist organizations who hate Israel, but by the great gain in territory that Israel might claim, including all of Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Jordan.

Now this might seem like a wild or irresponsible statement of Israeli motives except for recent intelligence and police events in the United States which has caught the Israeli Massed red handed in operating a spy network within the United States with arrests of over 60 Massed agents. Furthermore, intelligence now exposes that Israeli intelligence had advance knowledge of the WTC September 11th attack and this was deliberately withheld from U.S. intelligence agencies.

The Chairman of the Jewish Defense League and an associate were caught and arrested before they were able to blow up a Moslem Mosque in the Los Angeles area. The result of such anti Moslem action would be to drive more young American Moslems to become terrorists and thus further divide the two religious camps fanning the winds of holy war.

There is even some evidence that the Massed may have covertly been involved in supporting or aiding the al Qaeda terrorist organization in planning the September 11th attack. Naive Americans might ask why Israel would have done that?

Again, the answer is that it was in the primary interests of Zionist Israel to get the United States to attack and destroy the Arab/Islamic enemies of Israel who have been in support of the Palestinian people in their efforts to gain a homeland and an independent national state.

That is something that the Zionists do not want, nor do they want peace with the Palestinians. They want control of all of the land of Palestine, but they want the controlled labor of the occupied Palestinian people to work in their factories and farms.

What about the interests of us Southerners?

How does it enhance our goal of the restoration of the Confederate States of America to help the United States build a world Empire?

How does it help our Confederacy and the South to destroy the enemies of Israel?

How does it help the people of the South to support Israel financially and militarily?

How does it help the people of the South to allow Israel to continue to substantially call the shots for American foreign policy?

It must be observed that no Islamic attacks have yet been made against any Southern State. Since the U. S. military is made up of about 60% of men from the South the South will suffer the greatest battlefield casualties fighting a continuing and enlarging holy war (War on Terrorism) which is of questionable value to the South.

Surely, we Confederate Americans supported the United States in their inferred declaration of war against the Taliban Government of Afghanistan and the associated al Qaeda terrorist network. We, just as United States Americans ,Canadian Americans and Mexican Americans, denounced the attack against the United States of September 11th and have whole heartedly supported the war effort against these evil doers. Canadian Americans, Confederate Americans and Mexican Americans are linked as friends and neighbors with U. S. Americans.

But, we should not support the expansion of this war effort into a general war against so many of the Arab nations over a protracted period of time similar to the war on drugs. In fact, such an expansion of the war will even strain the NATO alliance with the United States and most, if not all, of the Arab nations will drop out of the Coalition. Nor should not support the continued erosion of our civil and constitutional rights in the United States and the South which we have allowed during the few months of the war against Taliban Afghanistan.

Instead, we would expect the Bush Administration to use the Congressional authorization of September 15, 2001 to further the War on Terrorism where even it is found in the world, including the Zionist Terrorists in Israel by use of clandestine CIA special forces/police type actions, while allowing us back in America to return to more normal peacetime living.