In the name of patriotism shall we be willing to fight to defend our families? We should be willing to fight to defend and protect our families in the name of our families but not because of politics or patriotism but because of the right of self defense.

In the name of patriotism shall we be willing to fight to defend our property?

We should be willing to fight to defend our property regardless of politics or patriotism.

In the name of patriotism shall we be willing to fight to defend our neighbors? In the name of our greater families such as our neighbors we should be willing to fight to defend them as well.

In the name of patriotism shall we be willing to fight to defend our waiving fields of grain and purple

mountains from sea to sea?

Well maybe under the idea that this is our common land and our (ourselves and our neighbors) common property, we should be willing to fight to defend our common territory.

In the name of patriotism shall we band together to fight for our common defense?

Yes, if need be for our common defense we should band together to fight and defend each other.

In the name of patriotism shall we band together to attack other countries who might attack us?

Hold on; what is this might attack us idea? Diligence, awareness and preparedness are the appropriate actions if we or our neighbors suspect another country but have not been actively attacked.

In the name of patriotism shall we go hurriedly into war against countries that have not attacked us?

As a peaceful and freedom loving people, how can we even think about attacking another people who have not attacked us? No!

In the name of patriotism shall we send our sons, brothers, fathers and husbands to die in such a war?

How wildly irrational is that idea. Of course we should not consent to sending our men to die in a war in the name of patriotism or any other “ism” such as a so called war against terrorism.

In the name of patriotism shall we allow our President to essentially declare and prosecute war rather

than have Congress Declare war Constitutionally? No! We should demand that our President obey and uphold our Constitution and not continue to tread the trail of tyrants with executive orders.

In the name of patriotism shall we allow ourselves to be defrauded of our Constitutional rights and freedom? How irresponsible are we as a people to allow our Constitutional rights be usurped away from us in the name of patriotism or any other “ism” .

In the final analysis, this exercise above is given to show how our people are being fooled into losing everything including the lives of their men and more of our rights in the name of patriotism for the ultimate political gain of a few power hungry men desiring to solidify a New World Empire.

Certainly this ambitious political goal of the establishment behind both major political parties in the United States is not in the real interests of the American people, North or South. In particular, this Empire goal is far from the State’s Rights staunch stand of our forefathers and it is alien to the ideals of the Confederate States of America and to those who support the restoration of the Confederacy.

It makes no sense what so ever for those of us in the South to jump at the chance to go fight against Iraq, a nation that has never attacked the United States. Furthermore, our enemies in the Al Queda (Quiada) who have attacked the United States have not attacked targets in the South. Of course, we Southerners are not now functioning as a separate nation (the C.S.A.) because we have been wrongfully occupied and reconstructed for a hundred and thirty-five years.

Instead, our young men are drafted or recruited to fight wars for the North (United States) even though such wars are not generally of our making nor our fault. It has been a game of Empire building and meddling in the affairs of other people throughout the world that has cost us so many lives of our Southern men.

The Federation of States is an organization that among other things works to educate Southerners of all races on their rights as envisioned by the founding fathers. We, Confederate Americans, supported the action by the United States against the Taliban Government of Afghanistan and the Al Queda network whose military arm was operating in Afghanistan because of the idea of being willing to fight to help defend our neighbors in the North.

The Canadian Americans were likewise supportive. The United States and its coalition rapidly defeated the Taliban Government of Afghanistan and substantially damaged the operations of the Al Qaeda network. We applaud that action and victory for they dared attack our Northern neighbors in New York and Washington, D.C., although Osama Ben Laden, their leader, had declared war on the United States.

But, we must now take a stand against this current determination by the Bush Administration to go to war against Iraq. The Bush administration warns that Iraq could be close, perhaps less than a year away, from having an atomic bomb. So what?

Many other nations have it including Pakistan who has had nuclear weapons for nearly two decades and long range delivery capability to boot. Just because we don’t like another nation to develop technology that could be dangerous doesn’t give us the Constitutional nor moral right to go to war against them. Russia, France, Germany and China have advised us against going to war against Iraq as has the Arab League who will deny us use of their territory for a United States war against Iraq.

The British are less than enthusiastic about Bush’s war plan also. The Bush administration could very well touch off a world war against Islamic nations all over the world.

Even if Saddam Hussein did obtain a few atomic bombs, his capability of delivering those in an effective war against the United States is next to zero and would, in any event, be of limited use or value in a war. Clearly other nuclear powers like Russia, France, Great Britain, India or China could and likely would obliterate Iraq in one day if Iraq attacked them with nukes.

A nuclear attack against the homeland of the United States would likewise result in the very rapid destruction of Iraq. Thus, the use of such a weapon of mass destruction against the homeland of the United States or the West would be very irrational and is highly unlikely. Rather, Iraq might use such weapons to defend Iraq from ground invasion and possibly against the Jewish nation of Israel.

But, that is a problem for Israel, not the United States nor the Confederacy. We must stop this idea of being the world’s policemen. That idea furthers the idea of a World Empire which is so alien to the American and/or Confederate dream. We want our freedom and independence and wish to allow other people in other nations to live and let live. We want peace with our neighbors, not war.