Mexican President Vicente Fox has made a compelling suggestion to President Bush to grant amnesty to some 3 million Mexicans living illegally in the United States in violation of our immigration laws. The United States has no real idea who these people are or even if they are all Mexican citizens or from some other country, even possibly Islamic.

At the same time, there are hundreds and thousands of Mexican citizens living, working and going to school in the United States with proper papers in accordance with our immigration laws. These have gone to the trouble to be legal. And, we already have a very adequate Hispanic population of American Citizens living in the United States.

We are now being asked to reward those who have violated our laws and our borders by giving them the same legal status as those Mexicans who have obeyed our laws. One of the arguments is that these Mexican illegals are helping build the United States by filling our worker gap. In reality, they are taking jobs away from Americans who are out of work by the hundreds of thousands now.

The United States, in recent decades, has been inundated with masses of humanity from all over the world, but predominantly from Islamic countries, India, Asia and Mexico. This has happened mostly through legal channels opened by a false concept held by the establishment behind both major parties that diversity was desirable and would strengthen the United States.

Even more dangerous has been our foreign student program which bypasses immigration requirements entirely leaving the United States unaware of how many, from where, and who they are among these foreign students in our universities.

We now have a nation of arrogant strangers living amongst us who did not help build this nation, who do not know its history and who do not share our culture. The liberal lie that the United States is supposed to be a melting pot for humanity is simply that, a lie. That was never the idea of the founding fathers, nor of the Confederacy.

The South has accepted the black population and its culture as part of the South and has a history of very good racial relations between not only the Blacks, but also the Hispanics. Early in the formation of this nation, groups of Germans, Poles, Swedes, Italians and Irish came in with the English and Scots who settled here amongst the Native Americans to form a reasonably good culture. But, the liberal designs of Fabian Socialists in high places in our government and in academia have worked hard to destroy what used to be “America” in a process of cultural confusion and dilution.

We are now reaping the whirlwind of bitter dust for this policy of liberalism in our immigration policies and are suffering very serious terrorist attacks with the prospect of more. How can we, even in our most lax moment, now be expected to grant amnesty to 3 million more immigrants from Mexico?

Although perhaps we should rather have Mexican immigrants than immigrants from Islam, India and Asia. After all, Mexicans are at least North Americans from a neighboring nation, but we should say no to Amnesty as proposed. Perhaps a program of probationary registration could work and after the end of a successful probationary period, such workers could receive legal right to work papers as documented workers.

Meanwhile, we should rapidly arrest all other violators who do not register according to our immigration laws, and process them for deportation. We should not reward violators of our laws nor give them free rides to the border. Once arrested and convicted for immigration violations, they should serve a period of six months to a year in work camp prisons prior to deportation.

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