Bad Fruit Result of Decades of One Sided U.S. Policy for the Middle East

We stated on September 11, 2001 after the fanatical Islamic attack upon the United States that:

“This will not be a time for us to point our fingers or lay partial blame against the leaders in the United States for their past foreign policy. Rather, we must, for the sake of our families, relatives and friends in the North as well as the South, support the President of the United States and, if the United States goes to war, we must support that effort.”

But, now after most of the dust has settled and the extreme grief by the friends and loved ones who lost someone has had a chance to become more numb and now that the war is being prosecuted with aerial bombing and combat ground troops the time has come for us to look hard at the reasons for the vast hatred of the United State by much of the Moslem world and the roots thereof.

To properly evaluate the roots of the problem a historical analysis must go back much further in history to even before the United States existed. To say the least, bad relations developed between Great Britain and Europe versus the remains of the Persian Empire (several Arab states). While that is an over simplification, for this article no further history of that era will be pursued.

However, after the end of World War II certain powerful Jewish banking families decided to militantly create a nation for the Jews in Palestine and re-assert ancient claims to that land based upon the days of Moses and Joshua in spite of the fact that for around 2000 years various people, tribes and families bought and owned estates, farms and territory there. Great Britain, in accordance with the Balfour declaration, began transporting displaced Jewish refugees to Palestine. Palestinian inhabitants living there were wrongfully displaced by force and terrorism.

The powerful banking families pushing this political/religious conquest of Palestine allowed the brutal killing and removal of the families living there and carved out a state they called “Israel”. The predominant political movement behind this was termed Zionism. Much political and economic power was exerted among the Western countries to gain international acceptance of the Zionist idea and recognition of this new state regardless of protests and claims by the displaced Palestinians.

Much trouble has been stirred up over this new state of Israel to which the United States and Britain became its major benefactors. In fact, huge sums of money (in the hundreds of billions of dollars) have been granted and spent by the United States (tax payer’s money) in supporting and maintaining this new state called “Israel”. Many Jews have migrated to Israel from the United States, Europe and Russia.

Various trouble was further stirred up to justify Israel in seizing even more territory from the surrounding neighbors and States in order to enlarge the territory of Israel (reminiscent of the Third Reich Nazi style of justifying their conquest of land for more living room). Surprisingly, the Zionists who were and are today the dominant political force in Israel took measures to exclude groups of Orthodox Jews and other persons of Jewish descent because of their more peaceful political views towards the Palestinians.

Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, Iran, the Sudan and Saudi Arabia all became involved in fighting the Zionist Terrorism being supported by the State of Israel. Wars have been fought involving most of these countries against Israel, but with the strong support of and military aid from the United States Israel continues as a nation. Generations of Moslem Arabs learned to despise the United States for its apparent unfair foreign policy.

Finally, although some Arab nations have come to recognize the right of Israel to exist, they also insist that the Palestinians be allowed to exist as well. Since these Arab nations and the Palestinians are largely Moslem, and since Israel seized the Holy Land including a key Moslem Mosque, it has developed deeply among the Moslems to oppose this Zionism which they now identify as Jewish and thus they tend to hate all Jews. And this in spite of the fact that there are important segments of the Jewish society who bitterly oppose the Zionists. (Remember, a moderate Prime Minister of Israel was assassinated by a radical Zionist.)

Several generations of Moslems have been raised under this general hatred of Israel, the Jews and of Americans because we have been supporting Israel in an obviously biased way. It is difficult for most Americans to understand this hatred since we live in America in such peace with American Jews that we often do not even know whether they are Jewish or some other religion.

Yet today, we Americans are reaping the whirlwind of Moslem hatred against us, even among moderate Moslems, because of our one-sided support of Israel over these several decades. This is the bitter fruit of an unbalanced and unfair foreign policy stretching nearly five decades.

Most Americans are confused as to why these people hate us. The truth is that Moslems shouldn’t hate average Americans for the mistakes of their Federal Government over the years. Yet, fairness is not in the equation since we are dealing with a highly religious, highly polarized and poorly educated mass of people in the world being termed “Islam”.

In our War on Terrorism, how can we overlook the brutal State backed terrorism and State programmed assassinations going on now and which has gone on for decades from Zionist Israel. In fact, were it not for this terrorist assault by Israel against its neighbors, especially the Palestinians, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, terrorist organizations in those countries would not have had the degree of hatred necessary to spring up and into action against Israel which has now culminated with the establishment of the al Qaeda terrorist network protected by the Taliban Government of Afghanistan. The people of Islam who are subject to the influence of these various Moslem terrorist leaders have grown into millions and they hate the Jews and Americans equally. Many call America the Great Satan.

Our erroneous foreign policy positions over the past decades has brought us to the brink of a terrible religious world war. This should not be our fight. It is a Zionist mess, not ours. Yet we allowed it to happen and now we are at War.

In our prosecution of the War on Terrorism against the Taliban/al Qaeda Government of Afghanistan, President Bush has done the right thing in trying to save 6 million Afghans from starvation this winter by supplying hundreds of tons of food to them. Secondly, our War effort has clearly and carefully avoided as much as possible injuring or killing innocent civilians. These things will pay us large dividends in Islam as we pull out of Afghanistan once a new government is installed.

Fortunately, both President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair of Great Britain have publicly called for the establishment of the State of Palestine. This, if backed by action on our part and the actual establishment of the Palestine State, will go a long way in softening the Islamic hatred against America.

Fairness is all that is required of us by some of the Islamic leaders. If we persist in our benevolent treatment of the starving Afghans and a more fair foreign policy now surfacing and being displayed to the world, and if we make demands of the Zionists of Israel to cease their terrorism and military attacks upon innocent civilians in Palestine, we may avoid this terrible religious world war above mentioned.< With the help of the moderate Moslem majority, Islamic terrorism can be largely eradicated. Peace in the Middle East can be a reality and the security of Israel would then be enhanced.

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