A recent article sent out by an SCV dispatch taken from the and forwarded to many of us in the Southland entitled “Black Patriotism” in connection with resistance to pledging allegiance to the Union U.S. Flag by certain Black patriots such as Ms. Brooks was quite a surprise, especially considering the NAACP membership of Ms. Brooks.

We wish the rest of the NAACP membership would wake up to the truth Ms. Brooks knows. Clearly the U.S. Flag was a flag of slavery which flew over the countless slave ships owned by Easterners in those days. Most of us Southern Patriots know that the St. Andrew’s Cross used in the Confederate Navy Jack and Battle Flag has no historical connection with the slave trade and furthermore that the underlying cause of the northern invasion of the Confederacy in 1861 was not African slavery at all, but a most serious conflict caused by the northern States who were determined to maintain their economic strangle hold upon the Southern States and continue their centralist Federal form of national government at the expense of the republic of States created by our founding fathers in 1789.

The Southern States persisted in demanding State’s Rights, local control and the maintenance of a national reform against the onrush of Federalist dictatorship. More directly put, Lincoln and his northern mercantilist, banking and industrial supporters were determined to establish dictatorial control not only upon the south, but upon the whole of what remained of the nation formed by our forefathers originally as a republic restricted by the Constitution and by the States.

The Lincoln establishment in the new Republican Party was determined to convert the republic of States into a fascistic corporate Empire at the expense of the economics and freedoms of the common and middle class people of all races therein . The States became little more than sub-units of the Federal Empire serving the purpose of giving the people the illusion of self government.

The Lincoln war did exactly that; it firmly established this Washington dictatorship under Federalism which has now grown in designs for the establishment of a New World Empire headed by Washington and run by the United Nations being enforced by United Nations (NATO) troops. Back to the pledge of allegiance matter which was the subject of the “Black Patriotism” article. The “pledge” is not in the Constitution nor in the Declaration of Independence. This “pledge” was first introduced in a children’s book as part of Northern Reconstruction in 1892. This is not a Southern Patriotic Pledge.

The Encyclopedia Britannica states: The “pledge” [of allegiance] was first published in the juvenile periodical “The Youth’s Companion” on Sept. 8, 1892, in the following form: “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands; one nation indivisible, with liberty and Justice for all.” The words “the flag of the United States of America” were substituted for “my Flag” in 1924, and the pledge was officially recognized by the U.S. government in 1942.

(Note: The Andrew Jackson/Abraham Lincoln federalist philosophy emerged in the reconstruction phrase “one nation indivisible”, which is repugnant to the intent of our founding fathers and is anti-State’s Rights as it seems to deny the States the right to withdraw from the union. Furthermore, our citizenship in the united States originally was obtained by our citizenship in which ever State we resided in and not by allegiance to some national flag.)

In connection with things Confederate, i.e., history, cultural heritage, way of life, monuments and flags of the Confederacy and of our Southern States, including the Confederate Flag of Texas which is the present day Texas Flag, these things have been the object of protection and preservation.

Many Southern Heritage groups such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, the League of the South, Southern Legal Resource Center, Southern Preservation Association and other organizations have long been dedicated to preservation of things Southern.

The Southern Independence Party (SIP) which is established in various stages in ten Southern States is a political arm to elect proper candidates to office in State level races who have not been politically corrupted by Northern and Corporate Propaganda.

The overall goals of the SIP go further than these other groups by advocating the Restoration of the Confederate States of America as the only reform movement to restore freedom that has a chance against the New World Order/United Nations onrush; and that because of the history, culture and national origin of our people in the South of all races. The SIP correctly views the united States as the foreign power occupying the Confederate States of America by force. (President Jefferson Davis never surrendered the CSA and no peace treaty was ever executed).

Furthermore, Chief Justice Jackson of the United States Supreme Court advised Lincoln that the States had a right to secede and form a nation of their own, which had also been the opinion and practice of President Buchanan who preceded Lincoln, and that Jefferson Davis could not be convicted of Treason for his part in this independence movement.

That is why President Davis was released from the Union prison rather than being executed as Lincoln wanted. Furthermore, the Constitution of the Confederacy, which is mostly a copy of the U.S. Constitution with the Bill of Rights included within the body of the document was legally ratified and has never been suspended nor rejected).

After the Southern armies (lacking food and ammunition) laid down their weapons and went home (with some fighting on 18 months after Gen. Lee surrendered the Northern Virginia army) artificial “satellite” governments were imposed by military force by Union troops upon the Southern States with Washington appointed Governors and legislators being installed.

These fake State governments then applied for re-entry into the united States and their Statehood status was granted by Washington, of course, but with harsh reconstruction provisions allowing economic plunder of the southland which is still happening in more subtle ways today.

But, State governments and contracts of Statehood involuntarily forced upon a people are void as a matter of common law as well as international law and non-binding upon them should they decide to shake off the chains of servitude and captivity and vote to Re-Affirm their Statehood in the Confederate States of America.

Do not think that is impossible today. (The East Germans, Poles, Bulgarians, Romanians, Czechoslovakians, Yugoslavians, Ukrainians, Georgians and many more have done just that against the U.S.S.R. during the past decade even resulting in the overthrow of the U.S.S.R. itself.)

Many of us who are members of the SIP in the various States consider it Treason against the Confederacy, which still exists within our hearts as well as historically and legally, to pledge allegiance to a foreign power’s flag who has conquered our land and imprisoned our people, namely the united States (Union). But, for now we have to tolerate seeing those Union Military Flags (U.S. Stars and horizontal Stripes) flying all over the South.


“I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the Confederate States of America, and to the Republic through which it stands, our nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for all.”

The ranks of the SCV are full of former U.S. servicemen, many who fought and may even have been wounded, defending what was described to them as wars defending the national interests of the U.S. or police actions as in Korea or U.N. wars as in Viet Nam or NATO as in Kosovo.

Reconstruction had been so successful in conditioning the minds of the captive people of the South that they were led to believe that it was their patriotic duty to serve the occupying nation in their wars. They learned to salute the flag of the Union and feel patriotic about serving in the Union (U.S.) military.

Those of you in the South who may become upset over the position of the SIP described in this article need to understand that you are not the only ones who got hooked into serving in the Union military forces. Large numbers of the SIP members were also so mentally conditioned with political correctness and misdirected patriotism for the wrong nation that we too served, and gladly at the time.

Now, many of us have awakened from our stupor having learned true history, and would not care to repeat our younger-day mistakes. Also, we have seen the disdain the U.S. Federal government has shown for veterans in abuses that our veterans receive and in the assistance they fail to receive from the VA. The true super rich rulers of the united States laugh at us in the south for making up 2/3rds of their military in their various wars.

If you see Southerners these days refusing to pledge allegiance to the U.S. flag or sing the Star Spangled Banner, do not make the knee-jerk mistake of considering them to be unpatriotic. Rather, understand that these seemingly politically incorrect Southerners may be true Confederate Patriots who are no longer confused about the direction of their patriotism by the propaganda taught by the U.S. government in our schools and the media.

The minds of such Confederate Patriots have been freed from the chains of that propaganda and the scales have fallen from their eyes so that they now see the same path that our forefathers saw in 1776 in the need to establish an independent and free government of the States and again by our forefathers in 1861 for the sake independence, liberty, freedom and future happiness and prosperity of their posterity whom we are today. We must go for it. Advance the flag of Dixie!

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