Confederate Views On Bush’s Phantom War On Terrorism

It has been 14 days since the United States was viciously attacked in Manhattan (New York) and in Washington, D.C. There is mounting evidence that not only were other attacks planned for September 11, 2001, but that more attacks are certain and some of these apparently are aimed at targets within the South, i.e. Florida and Texas.

We reported on September 11, 2001 in an article “Pearl Harbor Type Attack on the United States” that due to the nature of the attack that Confederate Patriots must defend the South, but that we also have an obligation to assist the United States in this tragedy and in a response to it.
We stated in part:

Rather, we must, for the sake of our families, relatives and friends in the North as well as the South, support the President of the United States and, if the United States goes to war, we must support that effort.

This does not mean that we are abandoning our legitimate claims and goals for independence for the South, the protection of our heritage and the restoration of the Confederate States of America. But, even if we were already an independent nation with our own CSA government, we would need to be very supportive of the United States in this time of horror and tragedy. The reality is that we are [presently still] under the governance of the United States and thus our lives and welfare are tied together.

However, since it will be mostly Southern fighting men called upon to conduct whatever type of warfare that may unfold, we certainly do have the right to have our say in the matter. If the CSA were an independent government today, we, of course, would have the right to establish our own international contacts and opinions and to offer what ever degree of assistance and cooperation we might deem correct for the Confederate States of America in support of the United States against such attacks. However, we would not be so interested in this world-wide coalition of the Bush administration and we certainly would not care to participate in any United Nations action.

Certainly, if the CSA had been attacked (under the example that were the CSA presently a functioning and independent government), from the evidence now collected we would launch a massive air attack on the Taliban Government without further hesitation nor without regard for possible defection of Iran or Pakistan. Covert operations are fine and commando teams might well be working to capture or kill Osama bin Laden and his key officers in the Taliban. But, that cannot take the place of overt action.

The air attacks by this hypothetical CSA government would be two fold. First, we would launch immediate tactical air attacks against the Taliban troops fighting the advancing Northern Alliance. Secondly, both tactical and strategic bombing would have been launched against Taliban training camps and convoys. Third, we would have dropped needed supplies to the Northern Alliance and perhaps provided commando teams to work with them.

We would, however, have hesitated to strike at cities and towns against civilian populations. Finally, we would have considered dropping food and medical supplies to some of the fleeing refuges. We would not need to be waiting until all the countries of the world were united to make this retaliation against the Taliban regime and, in fact, we would likely have declared war formally against them. Afterwards, then, we would seek out the al Qaeda terrorist links around the world and begin the process of attempting to shut off their money supply after destroying the Taliban government’s opium economy.

Having given the above example of a likely Confederate response to such attacks upon the South, the Federation of States and the Southern Independence Party now criticizes the Bush administration for the excessive slowness of positioning and striking the rouge nation of Taliban Afghanistan.

The Bush administration is converting what should have been a war on the rouge Taliban opium nation into an open ended “phantom war against terrorism” milking the terrorist strikes to the extreme for political purposes and for the purpose of furthering the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Too much weakness is now being shown in attempting to walk a careful line to prevent further antagonizing Moslems in other nations who have already been antagonized by the consistent American actions in strongly supporting Israel in spite of the Israel State’s brutal and terrorist attacks against Palestinian citizens.

The Bush administration is now showing weakness to the world whereas two weeks ago it was showing strength and resolve. The American public wants to strike back and they know who it is that should be struck. It is fine to pursue tactics to “smoke the terrorists out of their caves”, but the time has come for real military overt action. After that, these other tactics being asked of foreign nations will be more credible.

The Bush administration is now changing the term “War on Terrorism [against phantoms]” to “Operation Enduring Peace” Do you know the communist definition of “Peace”? To them it means complete security by domination of police state force. The Bush administration is changing what should have been a direct and rapid military response followed by the smoking out campaign into a world wide open ended police action. This operation is being converted for use in consolidating the global New World Order and to tighten the U.S. Federal police-state grip upon the lives and freedoms of the American people.

The creation of the new National Homeland Security Agency (NHSA) which sounded good and seemed needed under the apparent continuing terrorist threat, now appears to be the creation of another agency to take military control of the United States by coordinating some 40 agencies defense activities.

The sinister threat presented by this new agency (NHSA) becomes clearer with the request by Attorney General Ashcroft for vast new investigative wire tapping powers including seizing E-mail and computers from alleged terrorists.

During time of real war these things might be necessary. But, his request has no time limit nor is it limited to known or proven (by reasonable evidence) terrorists who may kill or have killed innocent people in the U.S.A., but instead, these new powers could also be used against ordinary businessmen to develop evidence for indictment purposes for various white collar allegations of offenses.

(Economic Terrorists?) The IRS could have a hay day with these new powers. Are we on a fast track into a police state for America in the name of “Operation Enduring Peace”? Can we build more prisons to house more of our citizens? Is not a police state necessary in order to implement the New World Order upon the American people?

Confederates take note. This is the reason we must now redouble our efforts to build the Southern Federation of States into a political machine like the Southern Independence Party which could restore our true freedoms through the restoration of the Confederate States of America as an independent nation no longer occupied by the United States.

This may be more difficult under the current climate of a nation drunk on American Patriotism, but we must hold our own and continue our goals. Let them in the U.S.A. have the United Nations and the New World Order if that is their desire. We shall not join them in that even though we must, within reason, support the U.S.A. in its military strikes against Afghanistan and in its efforts for Homeland Defense.

In regards to Homeland Defense, Confederates should favor emphasis on local area defense using Sheriff Departments, National Guard and voluntary Civilian Defense Teams. Putting our defense in the hands of a world wide coalition has all of the ear marks of a New World Order domination of our local neighborhoods. We must press for local involvement, financing and control of our Homeland defense with the help of our local Sheriff Departments.

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