It has been 20 days since the United States was viciously attacked in Manhattan (New York) and in Washington, D.C. There has still been no overt military strike against Taliban controlled Afghanistan. To be sure, other phases of this operation have gone into effect, mainly the diplomatic phase wherein the Bush administration seems to think they must have the world behind them on actions they may take and that they must even have the tacit approval by these various nations of this ridiculous “Global Coalition” against terrorism.

Oh, yes, and supposedly many countries have frozen some of the known assets of the Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda network A massive, but after the fact, investigation of terrorist contacts in the United States and elsewhere is underway which has turned up some additional incriminating evidence. Food marked “USA” is being shipped by the UN to starving people in the north of Afghanistan, which is commendable and wise.

But, weakness, appeasement and indecision are beginning to be apparent in the Bush administration while trying too hard to please the other countries who are asking for courtroom evidence of Osama bin Laden’s involvement in the WTC and Pentagon attacks.

Is it not enough that Osama bin Laden was linked to the WTC basement bombing in 1993, the bombing of U.S. Embassies and the U.S.S. Cole as well as his declaration of war against the United States? The Bush administration is now trying to get away with treating this like a police action that will end up in court rather than a war.

(Wars end up in war crimes trials after the war).
It has become abundantly clear that Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda military forces in Afghanistan and in 54 other locations (according to Russian reports) is tightly linked with the Taliban and, in fact, in command of the Taliban. The reality is that the Taliban is a horrible terrorist organization both within Afghanistan and worldwide hiding in clerics cloaks.

It is time for the Bush administration to boldly label the Taliban as a terrorist organization (all of them, even the moderates) and to be honest enough to ask Congress to Declare War on the Taliban Government of Afghanistan. Then, we must immediately begin providing air support for the Northern Alliance against the Taliban. If Pakistan doesn’t like it – too bad.

We have India and Russia and we can do without Pakistan, if necessary. Pakistan had as much to do with setting up the Taliban and an Opium Afghanistan economy as did the CIA. As far as any moderates among the Taliban clerics, that is like a moderate among killers. Still, for their assistance in war crimes trials, they might receive lighter sentences.

Then, as promised by President Bush, we must pursue the search and destroy mission against the various terrorist organizations found linked with al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. We should call upon our leaders to pursue this war alone, if necessary, or with such strong and real allies who will whole heartedly support our actions, no excuses. We must free the world and North America from this scourge of terrorism.

Please refer also to “Pearl Harbor Type Attack on the United States” dated September 11, 2001 and “Confederate Views on Bush’s Phantom War on Terrorism” dated September 25, 2001 found at or

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