The Southern Independence Party

The Southern Independence Party is to be officially registered with the Secretary of State’s offices of each of the 17 Southern States. The Southern Federation Committee (SFC) is overseeing the organizing and promoting of the Southern Independence Party.

2. Why would we even need a Southern Independence Party?

Simply stated, because neither of the two national parties can be trusted to represent the distinct cultural and national interests of the Southern people. Both parties are beholden to special interest groups whose political agendas often are diametrically opposed to the interests of the Southern people.

While Democrats plunder the national treasury in order to appease accredited victim groups – feminists, abortionists, ethnic minorities, homosexual lobbies and often appease global communism for example – Republicans, in the interests of plutocracy and global capitalism, sponsor policies that seriously dilute state sovereignty and local control.

Yet, in spite of these policy differences, it has become increasingly evident within the last few years that both parties differ very little on matters of broad principle. Both agree on an expanded federal role in virtually every facet of our lives, and the political, moral and cultural consequences of this expansion are likely to be felt by Southerners for generations to come. Both are pushing us into the New World Order which will strip our national sovereignty and subjugate us under the United Nations and the NATO Military Force.

3. Some Southern traditionalists believe such a party isn’t viable and think our best hope is sticking with the Republican party. Why isn’t this possible?

The 1998 elections very well may be remembered as the swan song of authentic conservatism within the Republican party. In the aftermath of these elections, Republicans have undertaken a wholesale abandonment of everything Southern traditionalists hold dear, namely standing on principle by eliminating quotas and set-asides, defending the Second Amendment, halting immigration and, broadly speaking, reducing the role of the federal government and offering a viable alternative to the dominant culture of liberalism. On all counts, the Republican party has failed miserably.

Even more important, is it realistic to believe such a party even would be receptive to a pro-Southern faction advocating a return to states rights and strictly limited government? If the shabby treatment meted out during the last two elections to Pat Buchanan and his followers is any indication, Southern traditionalists should expect very little from the GOP.

However, there may be a few Republicans in our various State houses who might find our message, efforts and growing public support of interest enough at least to support certain bills we want and oppose hate bills involving “ethnic cleansing and genocide” against the people of the South whose national origin is that of the Confederacy.

An example of how this might work is that we might be able to gain support from Republican or Democratic State legislatures in passing State bills similar to and perhaps even more specific than, USC Title 18, Section 1091 – Genocide (See summary below) for the protection of our national origin and ethnic monuments, flags and symbols.

USC Title 18, Sec. 1091. GENOCIDE

(a) Basic Offense.–Whoever,. . .,[within the United States by a citizen thereof]. . . with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in substantial part, a national, ethnic . . . group as such–

…………..(3) causes the permanent impairment of the mental faculties of members of the group through torture, ……………or similar techniques; *

…………..(4) subjects the group to conditions of life that are intended to cause the physical destruction of the ……………group in whole or in part; shall be punished as provided in subsection (b).

(b) –The punishment for an offense under subsection (a) is–

…………..(2) a fine of not more than $1,000,000 or imprisonment for not more than twenty years, or both, in any other ……………case.

(c) Incitement Offense.–Whoever . . .directly and publicly incites another to violate subsection (a) shall be fined not ……………more than $500,000 or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

Sec. 1093. GENOCIDE. Definitions As used in this chapter–

…………..(2) the term “ethnic group” means a set of individuals whose identity as such is distinctive in terms of ……………common cultural traditions or heritage;

…………..(3) the term “incites” means urges another to engage imminently in conduct in circumstances under which ……………there is a substantial likelihood of imminently causing such conduct;

…………..(5) the term “national group” means a set of individuals whose identity as such is distinctive in terms of ……………nationality or national origins;

…………..(8) the term “substantial part” means a part of a group of such numerical significance that the destruction ……………or loss of that part would cause the destruction of the group as a viable entity within the nation of which such ……………group is a part. (Added Pub. L. 100-606, Sec. 2(a), Nov. 4, 1988, 102 Stat. 3046.) [Laws in effect as of January 6, 1999]

4. Wouldn’t it make more sense to join a reform party and restore Constitutional government to the United States?

This effort of groups of people to form other parties besides the two predominate parties was natural as the nation grew and economics became political issues. A strong third party developed with certain radical elements of influence from the 48ers who had migrated to the United States after their abortive Bolshevik attempt to overthrow the French government under the influences of Karl Marx in 1848. This new party was called the Republican Party and it elected Abraham Lincoln, a man feared in the south for his radical views against southern interests.

Several other third parties developed from time to time and served, at least, to allow those who joined to vent their particular points of view and, in some cases, had some influence on the major parties.

Trouble had been developing in the United States, especially since the second war with Great Britain over abuse of discretion by federal officers, especially that of the office of President, in the grab for more power than had been envisioned by our forefathers.

During the New Deal of President Roosevelt, federal power began to become more obvious and after the Korean War, Americans began to become alarmed at the grab of power by the federal government and blamed most of this on “Communists in the Government” .

Yet, there answers to the problem was to strengthen the federal bureaucracy in order to deal with the Communists, increasing the FBI, CIA and other agencies and ignoring the rights guaranteed to the people in the Constitution.

Since then there have been a number of reform movements resulting reform societies and in third parties, but to little avail.

Speaking from a Southern point of view, the only thing that seemed to have a chance was Southern secession in 1861. One hundred and thirty five years later, and regardless of these reform or third party efforts, things have not improved for the people of the South, but now, they have even gone down hill for those in the North.

Clearly, then, reform is not the answer today, but liberty and freedom with the restoration of the Confederate States of America.

5. How would a Southern Independence Party differ from the Democratic and Republican parties?

Chiefly in the way we view the concept of nationhood. Unlike the Democrats and Republicans, we reject the flawed notion, espoused by Lincoln, that we are merely a “propositional nation” — that is to say a country bound together only on the basis of some abstract notion of liberty and equality.

Rather, we believe the United States in general and the South in particular are defined by their historically Western and Biblical-Christian cultural core. This is especially true of the South, whose predominantly Celtic, British and French-derived religious and cultural traditions mixed with the Afro American, Mexican American and American Indian cultures distinguish it from the rest of the country.

There also is the issue of scope. One of the principal aims of the party would be working for social, cultural, political and economic renewal at the grassroots. Our first and foremost goal will be good government for the Southern people. Rather than competing with the Democratic and Republican parties for the national spoils, we would function as a broad-based regional political movement operating entirely at the state and local levels and would remain beholden only to the interests of the Southern people.

While the Southern Independence Party initially will be involved in advancing Southern interests with the States of the present federal union, this does not rule out complete political self-determination for the Southern people for independence and liberation. This could be accomplished by electing Southern Independence Party majorities to Southern legislatures as well as by electing nationalists to governorships and other statewide offices.

Like the people of Scotland and Quebec, we believe that if Southern nationalist State’s Rights governments come to power in the Southern States with the express purpose of securing independence, it will represent a clear and unequivocal expression of the desire of the Southern people of those States to begin negotiations with the other States of the American union to facilitate a process of peaceful and orderly withdrawal from the United States. Like London and Ottawa, Washington will have a moral and legal obligation to allow this peaceful separation as it will represent the legitimate, sovereign will of the people of each Southern State, as expressed via free and fair elections.

6. Where does the Southern Independence Party stand on the issue of Southern independence?

The Southern Independence Party was established in order to serve as a regional multi-state federation for the people of the South. From the very beginning, we have spoken forthrightly for the right of self- determination, independence and freedom for the occupied people of the Southland.

We believe outright independence remains both constitutionally and morally a valid and viable option for the people of Dixie. However, thanks to decades of political indoctrination by a Northern-inspired public school system, we recognize that many Southerners and transplants to the region wrongly believe a peaceful, orderly pursuit of independence via the ballot box is unconstitutional which is most assuredly is not. Read the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776. This is something we must address through a process of political education.

Our goal of eventual, but complete, independence and sovereignty for the people of Dixie remains firm. However, in light of the current social and cultural condition of the Southern people, it would appear the task of securing full independence for Dixie may require years and perhaps even a few decades of effort. We must remember that Irish independence wasn’t built in a day — nor was Scottish and Welsh nationalism.

We will continue to be inspired by the Parti Quebecois and the Scottish Nationalist Party, two parties advocating full independence for their regions. Nevertheless, we believe the most viable model for the South today is that of the Plaid Cymru, the regional/nationalist party of Wales, whose aim is to secure authentic home rule and a renewed sense of national identity within the United Kingdom. It is very reassuring to have witnessed recently the world wide independence movement in the breakup of the Soviet Union. For the most part, these peoples gained there independence virtually without war.

Therefore, as the regional/nationalist State’s Rights party of the South, our principal mission for the foreseeable future will be twofold: to restore the constitutional rights guaranteed to the people of the states by the Constitution of 1787, most notably the Tenth Amendment, and to sponsor a political program aimed at restoring the unique cultural, social and religious foundations of the Southern people. Securing these objectives undoubtedly will carry us a long way down the road to full independence, which remains our ultimate goal.

In short, our immediate task is to secure de facto independence for the people of Dixie: genuine self-government for the states guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Recognizing that the ultimate goal full independence would not be possible without a thorough on-going cultural, religious and social rejuvenation of the Southern people, we also will step up our efforts to forge close working relationships with other conservative and Southern political, social and cultural organizations with whom the Southern Independence Party shares similar goals. Most of those organizations are not political parties and thus we should be able to represent the aims and political hopes of these Southern movement groups.

7. If your ultimate goal is independence, what is the difference between the SIP and non-political party groups like the Republic of Texas movement?

The Southern Independence Party rejects attempts to secure independence by any means other than through the will of the people in the various counties through petitions and the ballot box and through duly elected officials following the will of the people and longstanding, constitutionally prescribed practices.

All of us, to one degree or another, are affected by the global upheaval taking place around us. However, in the face of this turmoil, some people, in a desperate effort to restore some degree of order to their lives, are resorting to a number of highly unorthodox “remedies” based on specious legal arguments. These include: forming common-law courts with the express goal of imploding the U.S. judicial system by filing more paperwork than the system is capable of handling; and using a series of cleverly contrived legal arguments in order to declare individuals, townships and even entire states beyond the jurisdiction of the federal government.

While it is true that Texas became an independent Republic and lasted precariously as such for a few years. But, then and even now, Texas, on its own, was and would be again, at a great disadvantage in a hostile and militant world. But, Texas became a State of the United States and later voted 95% by public referendum to secede and become a State of the Confederate States of America, thus continuing her unique history and national origin. Needless to expect the federal government of the United States to tolerate tiny pockets of rebellion or resistance (which, at most, number only in the hundreds to a few thousand) would be ludicrous. For the existing government to allow such action to occur without the general support of the public would surely result in utter anarchy, perhaps ushering in a return of reconstruction type police state action on the part of the U. S. federal government. Our Founding Fathers established several remedies for ridding ourselves of tyrannical government, none of which involves a tiny handful of people drawing a line in the sand, declaring their “independence” and challenging federal law enforcement officials to contest them or their little group.

While secession may be a right of individuals or groups, they do not have the right to act for the general public nor to secede for the general public. However, our constitutional principals and practices do allow for secession by States as their legal right. This, of course, requires the broad based support of the public who elect the State Legislatures. For those States who have never seceded from the United States, if it is to occur, it must be carried out in a peaceful, orderly and, most important, constitutionally prescribed manner patterned after the successful models of Quebec, Scotland and the Confederate States of America or as recently seen by the various satellite States of the USSR as they broke away to gain their Liberty and Independence.

8. What is the difference in the Southern Party headed by Jerry Baxley and the Southern Independence Party sponsored by the Federation of States?

In answering frequent questions we receive at the Federation level and at the Southern Independence Party level as to what is the difference between the Southern Party (SP) and the Southern Independence Party (SIP), the following basic answers are usually sent:

The SP has was taken over (coup) early in its existence which began in the fall of 1999. It is headed by coup leader Jerry Baxley and is run in a highly centralized (dictatorial) manner. They claim to be trying to establish a Southern Nationalist Nation.

The SIP was formed after a couple of splits resulting from substantial difference of opinions of the type of government the Southern people would like to live under.

The SIP is being sponsored by the Federation of States which is an organization for that purpose made up of the State Chairmen who equally vote and try to coordinate efforts and solve problems. The emphasis is upon local control and State’s rights rather than a centralized organization patterned after what we already have in Washington, D.C. State’s Rights was the fundamental reason for the South to secede in 1861 and remains the real issue for true confederates.

The SIP has the goal of restoration of the Confederate States of America and the Constitution by which it stands.

Thus, to summarize:

SP = Centralism > Southern Nationalist Nation

(people who have spent a career in the military or government service understand this type of organization and expect it. They want a strong leader and benefits from knowing the leader). They preach secession as preparatory to the establishment of this “Southern Nationalist Nation”. Their call is “secession now”.

(They ignore the fact that most Southern States already seceded 140 years ago and never rescinded that secession nor surrendered as States of the Confederacy. Thus I suppose they are calling for secession from the Confederacy to clear the way for this new Nationalist Nation they want.)

SIP = State’s Rights and local control > Confederate States of America

People who are fundamental in their determination to be free from government harassment and maintain sovereignty at the local level avoiding federal controls are happy here. These folks are very suspicious of strong leaders who are prone to take away their freedoms.

The SIP groups call for Restoration of the Confederate States of America who never surrendered as a nation. Most of the Southern States already seceded in 1861 and do not need to do it again*. They only need their legislators to reaffirm Statehood in the Confederacy and pass bills of Liberation. *(A few States were overrun early by Yankee troops or were territories at the time. These may still legally need to secede from the U.S.A., but not those who already did that.)

Our call in the SIP is “Independence, Liberation and Freedom now!”

These in the SIP are the true confederates. Compare the platforms and the constitutions of the two parties and check to see where donations and membership applications are to be sent.

The Baxley SP wants the donations and membership applications sent to their national headquarters.

The Federation SIP groups want the donations and membership applications sent to their individual State SIPs in the spirit of State’s Rights and local control. Financial support for the national SIP is voluntary and may be donated by the State SIP groups as requested.

9. Would separation lead to another invasion of the South and war?

No. This is not 1861. Times have changed. We live in an age of instant news coverage and libertarian views which hold that no government should rule without the full consent of the people who live under it. The use of brute force by a Western nation like the United States to suppress the popular electoral mandate of the Southern people would be universally opposed and condemned in the modern age.

Furthermore, the Southern Independence Party does not advocate or otherwise endorse the use of force to achieve political ends. If force ever comes into play as a result of our peaceful political efforts, it will be initiated by the federal government – not the Southern States.

The use of force by the United States government who, in 1861 had a population four or five times larger than the South, to invade and eventually conquer the South was generally condoned and tolerated in the 19th century. However, today the people of the world no really support such conquest of a people by another people and the Northern States (United States) would no longer even enjoy the general approval of the American people in the North. The international community, in an age preoccupied with democracy and self-determination, plainly see the hypocrisy of the United States if they did embark upon such an attempt.

Then, another problem exists. The population of the South is roughly equal to that of the North today and the manufacturing, petrochemical and oil industries have shifted substantially to the Southland due to for inexpensive land, more favorable weather conditions, lower taxes, more availability of energy resources and cheap labor. Today, the Southern States have large and well armed National Guard units as well. Invading the Southland today would be far more difficult than it was in 1861-1865 and the North nearly failed in that attempt. Secondly, due to the excesses of unrestrained spending and corruption in government, the Northern government has also been plundering the people of the North, the Mid West and the West Coast to the point that the those folks could not be depended upon to send their sons to a war of aggression against the South. Thus, even if there were those men in power who would favor military action to teach the South another lesson, they would likely be constrained by others in their midst due to economic considerations and trade potentials with DIxie.

With the collapse of Soviet totalitarianism and other authoritarian governments in the Third World, conventional wisdom holds that the only legitimate governments are those resting on the consent of the governed. The founding principle of the American revolution is now sweeping the globe. How tragic and ironic it would be if the United States were to repudiate that principle by refusing to honor the will of the people of the South as expressed at the ballot box. The irony of it would be, aside from the tragedy, that the North would easily be defeated.

Yet, this is certainly not what Southrons want. They have friends and relatives living in the North and although they may want to be free and restore the Confederate States of America, they wish no harm upon the folks up North. Trying to get a war of aggression going against the North and persuading Southern families to sacrifice their sons, fathers and relatives in doing so would be unthinkable and essentially impossible. Such a bad idea goes against what Southrons believe in and want for themselves. The Confederacy will not attack the North or Mexico or anyone else for that matter.

The election of explicitly pro-independence state governments in Dixie would represent a de facto withdrawal of consent from the from the federal government. In the new millennium, the devolution of power from the center to local governments and the breakup of old transcontinental empires will be the order of the day — completing a process that began in the early 20th century and which has accelerated with each passing decade. The concept of resorting to the sword to maintain the old geographical boundaries of aging empires will become increasingly unthinkable — especially for the Western democracies based on notions of popular sovereignty.

10. But are regional, independent federated parties even possible in a global age?

Yes, easily! And this has been proven time after time in other countries throughout the world. In fact, Southerners are already far behind other countries in this respect. In Quebec, for example, the pro-secessionist Parti Quebecois (Quebec Party) has enjoyed astonishing electoral successes in recent years among citizens who believe political independence offers the only viable solution for preserving Quebec’s historically French culture who recently voted 49.5% for secession. They only need about another 4% for the British to let them go from the rest of Canada. Of course, they could seize it now, but with victory so close at hand the practical French Canadians will avoid armed conflict. That seems to be the new way things are being done in today’s world. Is the human race becoming more civilized. We certainly hope so.

In Italy, the Northern League, organized by former pharmaceutical salesman Umberto Bossi, also commands a wide following among separatist citizens fed up with seeing their region’s tax base drained in order to support a relatively corrupt, impoverished South.

In Scotland, British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s “compromise offer” of an all-Scottish regional Parliament, rather than staving off Scottish independence, actually has stoked nationalist passions and, consequently, the fortunes of the pro-secessionist Scottish Nationalist Party. Indeed, many experts believe Scottish national independence will be an established fact within the next few years. All of this points towards a healthy renewal of human rights and freedoms in an old world otherwise doomed to a repressive empire of the New World Order.

11. You could say that one distinguishing trait of the Southern Independence Party would be its uncompromising support for the historic, European, cultural foundation of Southern civilization. Now isn’t this just a code phrase for “white nationalism.”

No, it is not. The Southern Independence Party has never advocated the expulsion of other ethnic minorities from the South and we never will. Ethnic cleansing, in our opinion, is a practice best left to the Balkans as we are a civilized people who harbor no desire to see such horrors visited upon the North American continent. While we do believe that the dominant Anglo European and British-derived cultural institutions of the South should be preserved, we recognize Dixie has long been an essentially multi-racial nation with influential Afro-Southern, Mexican-American and American Indian ethnic minorities which, nevertheless, shares a common faith, culture and language with the majority. A return to genuine home rule or even outright independence would not alter this demographic reality which today exhibits less division due to class or cultural distinctions than most areas of the Northern States.

When the Confederate States of America are liberated, the Indian Nations within the territory of the Confederacy, may, if they wish, apply for Statehood within the Confederate States of America, or remain as unaligned and separate Independent Nations. There shall be no more “Bureau of Indian Affairs,” and no more reconstructionist meddling in Southern Affairs, by an all powerful centralist, tyrannical government. Sovereignty, Independence, and Self-determination for every Nation State in the Confederacy! An amended and updated Constitution for the Confederate States of America shall be prepared and certified by Congress, and presented to the various States of the Confederacy for ratification.

Nonetheless, this probably will not prevent dishonest liberals from maliciously labeling the Southern Independence Party as white nationalists, but they are hard put to explain the Afro-Southern Confederate leaders and speakers who are also involved. After all, within the predominant liberal culture, any movement that affirms historic Biblical-Christian, Western civilization and rejects all of the harmful effects associated with post-modernism, most notably multi cultural hypocrisy, is guaranteed to be attacked by political Leftists citing their litany of “political correctness” and branding others as “racist, homophobic and white supremacists.” These are the hate-words of the Left and they are intended to manipulate those who lack the capacity to think for themselves and spread hatred in order to achieve the fund raising and vote getting goals of such ilk.

Just because the Left will level such accusations with reckless abandon does not validate these attacks. People who think for themselves will reject these accusations for what they are: products of the “Big Lie” school of politics — a school that traces its political pedigree to Joseph Goebbels and the Nazi party. The practitioners of such junk yard dog tactics should be scorned with the ridicule they so richly deserve. In fact, people are finally beginning to laugh and scorn at the so-called “politically correct” requirements others, including corporations are trying to force upon them. Eventually, the individualism of a southern man comes out and he says, or perhaps would like to say, go to hell. I’ll think and do as I please.

The Southern Independence Party readily concedes a degree of cultural cross-fertilization is a good thing. No one would deny individuals descended from other cultures have made valuable contributions to Western culture and Western culture has made contributions to their cultures. Still, our Southern civilization can be preserved only by safeguarding the unique ethnic and cultural core of each of these ethnic groups from which Southern culture sprang. The party’s efforts to preserve our region’s distinctive cultural traditions is not a phenomenon unique to white societies alone and certainly not to Southerners, for Southerners are a people, not a race.

Our desire to preserve the South’s unique cultural core doesn’t stem from racist or white supremacist convictions. As history has shown, there tends to be a high degree of trust in societies in which a substantial majority of the population share a common culture, religion and ethnicity, and high-trust societies act as a safeguard against centralized tyranny. Preserving the current cultural, ethnic and religious fabric of the South will ensure that our region remains a high-trust society.

In multi-cultural societies, where high levels of trust often do not exist between competing cultural groups, governments typically use this as an excuse to enact increasingly onerous laws in order to force people to interact with each other. That, of course, is part of the reason why liberal elites want a multi cultural society; it provides them an excuse to micro-manage our lives to their gain.

Preserving the cultural foundations of the country is one of the basic premises on which the American republic was founded. That is why John Jay alluded to it in his first essay in the Federalist Papers. To abandon this core principle would constitute a betrayal of one of the most basic premises of American federalism.

Multiculturalists rail against such policies, contending that nations do not have the moral right to defend such institutions. If your are a liberal multiculturalist, we beg your pardon sir, but we strongly disagree. Very few nations allow unbridled immigration and most make concerted efforts to maintain the ethnic, religious and cultural roots on which their societies are based. Nowhere in history does one find examples of nations that willingly allowed themselves to be overrun and replaced by competing cultures.

That said, let there be absolutely no misunderstanding of where we stand regarding hate groups and other expressions of ethnic bigotry. While we are pledged to defend the South’s defining cultural core, it is very important to understand that we bear no spirit of malice toward other ethnic groups. We urge high-minded individuals from all walks of life to join us in our struggle to renew Western Christian civilization and shun the hate mongers from either side of the fence. You know, in the South we work together, go to school together, enjoy sports events together and often even go to church together. Go away you men of hatred. Go home where you are probably not wanted.

12. Would the Southern Independence Party be a Christian party?

Only in the sense that we believe Western civilization has derived its greatest strength from its Biblical-Christian heritage. While the Southern Independence Party does not function as a sectarian party and requires no religious tests, it undoubtedly does affirm the sovereignty of God in the universe and supports policies safeguarding the free exercise and expression of the Christian faith both in the public and private spheres. This does not imply, however, that the Southern Independence Party will advocate or otherwise support policies that would deny religious liberty to people of other faiths. We strongly support the 1st Amendment as a barrier to government interference in the free exercise of each citizen’s religious faith, but it is no barrier to religion and faith being exercised in government. Rather it is a one way bar against abuse. No more Waco holocausts at the bloody hands of government storm troopers against a church group.

13. Why not do this as a larger federation that could unite patriots and conservatives from the Southern and Mid-Western States?

A central goal that represents a fundamental driving force for some of the participants in the Southern independence movement is a determination to prevent the destruction of the South’s unique cultural identity. The Southern Independence Party in this movement is unlike other American third parties. We do not intend to waster our time or funds campaigning for U. S. Senators, U. S. Congressmen or a U. S. President. We shall concentrate upon electing State Senators and State Representatives and Governors.

The Southern Independence Party isn’t preoccupied just with a handful of “hot button” political issues — it goes much deeper than that. The encroachment upon our freedoms and rights as a people by an abrasive unapologetic bureaucracy of the Federal Government of the United States has reached critical mass in its abuse of the people and the politicians being elected by the two major parties simply make promises they won’t or can’t keep and simply vote against each other in congress, only agreeing upon more measures to harass the people and more agents to carry out such totalitarian measures.

The Southern Independence Party is a party who has said “enough”. This party is designed to secure genuine sovereignty and a renascent sense of patriotism, organized around the principles of State sovereignty, cultural preservation, peace and freedom through strength, the abolition of the welfare state and prosperity through free enterprise and elimination of income tax and the various federal agencies that presently harass the people. In short, we wish to be the masters of our own destiny and believe this will be possible only by securing genuine sovereignty and outright independence for a fraternity of States working with a Federation of States affiliated together to gain independence through political means. We aren’t just playing political games. The Southern Independence Party intends to peaceably restore the Confederate States of America.

Neither the establishment parties (Republicans and Democrats) nor the other third parties have a real answer nor can they copy the independence issue. There is no way that the Republicans or Democrats can steal this fundamental issue of Southern independence from us without granting us precisely what we want — freedom — an action that would immediately deprive any co-opting party of our votes. Our message is, “don’t waste your votes on promises which won’t be kept, vote for independence and freedom.”

Thus the Southern Independence Party believes that the time has come to complete the work of our Confederate ancestors who began this work of independence from the British Empire in 1776 and wrote the Articles of Confederation in 1777. We the people no longer consent to be governed by a federal union of the United States which results in the South always being outvoted in Congress and where Southern cultural values are mocked and ridiculed reminiscent of British actions against our colonial forefathers.

The forced subjugation of the South by the Union Invaders has run its course of reconstruction with its military and political occupation, and economic slavery. Political separation for the good of all parties concerned is the answer producing independence for the Southern States with freedom for the People of the South. We have all been enslaved long enough by the federal masters.

The Southern Independence Party believes that our efforts in the South may inspire the rise of regional parties in New England, California, the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and the states of the Rocky Mountains and Upper Mid-West. But, our concern is the Southern Nation referred to as the Confederacy or lovingly as Dixie.

It would be entirely right and proper for other groups in other regions of the country who have a somewhat distinctive cultural base that could serve as a unifying factor to vie for their own independence if they wish. However, the people of the Rocky Mountains and the Upper Mid-West and their frontier culture bares much in common with the people of the South, especially in their fierce insistence on sovereignty. They could easily come together with the Southern States in a larger Federation of States operating under the Southern Independence Party to gain their independence with us and hold it in strength.

Clearly, the excesses and abuses against the American people by the Federal government of the United States with its IRS, FBI, ATF, SEC, ad nauseam in their unconstitutional restrictions of freedom and rights, and with their excessive taxation has produced a sound basis for outright revolt. But, rather than see such rash and horrific things happen around us, a political movement for secession and independence provides a more sensible and responsible solution and outlet for public rage. We encourage the people who live in such other regions of the country to consider trying to form their own such parties. A cluster of regional parties would at least serve as a powerful tool for reinvigorating State’s Rights and to saying no to Washington.

14. Is the Southern Independence Party a “hate” group?

Of course not. In fact we openly oppose “hate and racist groups.” The Southern Independence Party needs people from all walks of life and seeks members primarily from the Southern States. Southerners are a people not a race. We are a people of common history and cultural heritage heralding from our common national origin first of the Confederation of States and Colonies in the late 1700s. And after a brief experiment of 72 years in a union with other States and persons of different cultural background than those of the Southern colonies, our ancestors finally ended their abortive experiment with the united States in 1861, and again formed their own nation called the Confederate States of America built upon a Constitution patterned after the one our forefathers had helped to formulate in 1789. And even though our armies were soon overwhelmed by the invading hoards from the North (who out numbered us four to one) and who took away the lives of our people, our freedoms, property, liberty and our pursuit of happiness, our nation, the Confederate States of America has continued for 140 years having never surrendered* as a nation or a people to the conquering and occupying foreign country from the North called the United States. We clearly have a common national heritage of this Southern Nation and our cry is the same; give us our freedom and liberty that we may again function as an independent nation in the world.

* The surrender by General Robert E. Lee of the Northern Virginia Army and later by several other CSA Generals did not accomplish the surrender of the nation of the Confederate States of America, nor was the ratified Constitution of the Confederate States of America rescinded. The Southern people continue to be citizens of the Confederacy under occupation, albeit that the United States has extended to the Southerners limited citizenship rights in the United States by virtue of the fake state governments set up by Washington to rule the conquered Southern people..

15. We want our Independence back with Liberty and Freedom and a return of the opportunity for the pursuit of happiness.

The party is open to all citizens of the Southern States who share our dream of good State’s Rights government and self-determination for the people of Dixie. We can do this. We can gain political power at the state level across the South.

President Jefferson Davis

Confederate States of America

Then shall we proclaim Liberty throughout our land and demand our Independence. Then shall we throw off the yolk of slavery and regain our Freedom and sovereignty. We shall have our Legislatures pass Bills of Reaffirmation of our Statehood in the Confederate States of America and Bills of Liberation with the termination of foreign occupation of our land (State). Our Cry shall be: “LIBERTY, INDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM!”

Then shall we re-establish our free and sovereign Nation, the Confederate States of America. And then shall we know that the LORD hath delivered his people and He shall be their LORD and they shall be His people and none shall make them afraid.