Finally, 26 days after the devastating Pearl Harbor type surprise attack upon the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the United States launched overt military strikes against the Taliban government of Afghanistan. Reports indicate that 31 targets were hit and that the attack was very successful. Included in the attacks were attacks on the al Qaeda troops who had been rushed to the border with Uzbekistan. The attacks are continuing at night and should continue at night until sufficient removal of anti aircraft fire has been obtained to allow day time missions of troop support.

President Bush specifically named the operation changing it a third time now to “Operation Enduring Freedom” which is a much better choice of words in our opinion.

With these attacks the U. S. has obtained credibility and military respect. As expected, the Taliban supporters in Pakistan have rioted. But, now that the resolve of the United States has been shown with force, most of this resistance to the U.S. attacks on the Taliban will dwindle away in the face of strength, resolve and persistence in our attacks.

Perhaps the most effective tool to cause millions of Afghans to realize that the United States is their friend, not their enemy is our humanitarian food drop program to the refugees. That will cause a definite dwindling away of support for the Taliban government.

Also, President Bush announced formally to the United Nations that the United States may attack terrorist bases and assets outside of Afghanistan. He is to be commended for this step. That will add to the dwindling effect of Taliban supporters, certainly at the State level of these harboring governments.

The President is, in fact, operating with a September 15, 2001 Congressional authorization to use military force against terrorist organizations who were involved in the September 11, 2001 attack against the United States including those nations or groups who harbor the terrorists. Although Congress did not quite have the courage to use the term “declaration of war” the nearly unanimous vote granting the authority legally amounts to a declaration of war.

Confederate Americans are encouraged to support President Bush and the United States in this war effort and the Federation of States approves of the present handling of the situation by the President at this time. We give him a thumbs up.

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