Fly Your Rebel Flag

As I was on my way to work yesterday afternoon I made an interesting
observation.  I noticed that more and more vehicles are displaying the
Confederate Flag (“Navy Jack”). While this flag (the “Navy Jack”) is
generally recognized as the official flag of the Confederacy, there were a
number of Confederate Flags used during the Civil War.  Three of which were
National Flags of the Confederacy.

It appears that we might me starting to make an impact with our constant
struggle to save and preserve our Great Southern Heritage.  However, I have
also noticed that I hardly ever see a flag flying at a residence (mine
excluded).  I used to fly the “Navy Jack” until the relentless attack
continued by the naacp, the united states government and last but not least
the Cypress Fairbanks ISD.  The sad day finally came that I was forced to
remove my beloved Confederate Flag (“Navy Jack”) from my residence and

Only to be replaced with the Confederate Battle Flag!

I now display the Confederate Battle Flag on my vehicles, home and clothing.
Just as I told the Assistant Superintendent of Cypress Fairbanks ISD “I am
now at war with Cy-Fair ISD therefore, I want to wear the appropriate attire
in order to distinguish friend from foe”.

I would like to encourage “All Southron” to display the Confederate Battle
Flag so, the world will know your stance for DIXIE.  I realize that some of
you (as well as myself) worry about the wellbeing of your family.  You also,
need to remember that our ancestors had those same worries 140 years ago.
If you simply cannot bring yourself to fly the Confederate Battle Flag then
please display the First, Second or Third National Flag for all to see.

As we all know, history repeats itself.  Just as the Civil Rights Movement
took place in the 1960’s, it is repeating itself today.  However, the rolls
are reversed now.  We as Confederate Americans have to fight for our Civil
Rights on a daily bases.  If the blacks were right about their movement in
the 60’s then why are we wrong with ours today?  The answer is because we
are not Politically Correct and we have a bunch of spineless politicians
along with spineless citizens.

Remember, “History Repeats Itself”.  Lets attempt to stop the repeat of 1861
as well as the 1960’s.

Show your Confederate Pride and Display the “Confederate Flag” for ALL TO

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