Pantywaist Pastors and Priests

Pantywaist Pastors and Priests

It has come to my attention, from the length and breadth of this nation, the flag was missing from church on Sunday.  I have no quarrel with that as it is no longer my flag. My flag is the official flag of the CSA, commonly referred to as the Third National. I am surprised the people hadn’t removed it long before now with all their “separation of Church and State” rhetoric.

The Church has a duty to speak against tyranny and evil. This has been missing for years. The sermons spread Sunday were bland, excepting a few shining examples, or outright sympathetic toward the terrorist that have wreaked havoc against the citizens of the u.S. and that includes many Southerners.

I have heard many Pastors refer to his congregation as “his flock”.  Folks, sheep are flocks. We may be Gods flock but we darned sure aren’t the Pastors flock. The Pastor has a duty to impart the Holy Gospel as revealed by the Bible and other Holy Books. I am not going to argue whether a Catholic or Baptist or, for that matter a Hindu has a lock on the correct path to Heaven. I do argue that we, as the Lords faithful, do have an expectation that the leadership of our Churches not espouse the current fad of the day, whether it is the “right” to abort or conduct the abomination of homosexuality upon a “consenting” adult.

Satan’s image has manifested itself twice, to my personal knowledge, since the beginning of 2000. The first appearance was in the arrangement of the stars, in the u.S. flag that was used as a background on one of the major party’s web page. The second manifestation was last Tuesday, September 11th 2001. This manifestation was in the smoke from the Twin Towers of the WTC.

I don’t know about you but I think I will take the hint. Get the pusillanimous, hand wringing, pantywaists out of the pulpit and put men of God back in them so the faithful may again hear the true word.

Women, this is for you. If you are married, have children and are working outside the home, sit down with your husband and take a hard look at your finances. Are you paying child care and all the other related expenses? Is your clothing expenses and upkeep eating at your salary? Does your salary significantly increase the family income or does it merely put you in a higher confiscatory tax bracket? If you are making no headway, quit your job and work in the home taking care of your children. This is your true calling and none is higher or more noble.

Children do not raise themselves. They must be taught right from wrong. They must be hugged when sad and a bandage put on the owie. These needs do not stop when the child goes to school, as a matter of fact they are the most vulnerable then. Do you, truly, trust your charges, that you brought into this world, to people you don’t know? The schools are a hotbed of socialist thinking that will teach the values of the homosexual and disdain for God. Is that what you want for your children? Lord, I hope not.

The single mother must provide for her children. Those of you, who are employers, pay them a wage that relieves them from the stigma of welfare. You will be rewarded far more than if you maintain these women at poverty level wages that doom the children to shame and saps the self-esteem of the mother. This does not condemn the mother for being single. Maybe she used bad judgment in choosing a mate and was abused. Maybe she is a widow or maybe, due to the influence of the times, she used extremely poor judgment and just became pregnant. It makes no difference how it came to pass, she has children to support.

We, the taxpayer, and you, the employer, cannot continue to afford the wasteful tax burden to fund a welfare state. We must, also, retake our schools from the infidels and again provide true education or we shall not survive.

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