Pearl Harbor Type Attack on the United States

This message is being sent particularly to our SIP Chairmen after discussions with Dennis Joyce, Chairman of the Federation of States.

Apparently, part or the Arab World, most likely the Afganistan/Ben Laden group, but not to rule out Iraq, Iran, the PLO or even Libya, has launched the long expected major attack on the United States resulting in a great loss of life for Americans and a devastation of an economic center, the World Trade Center.

Likewise, the Pentegon has been attacked and damaged as well. All U.S. airports have been shut down and no civilian aircraft are being allowed to fly. Matial law exists in New York City and the National Guard has been called out there as well. The White House has been evacuated and other tall buildings, including the Sears Tower in Chicago, have been evacuated. The U.S. / Mexican border has been closed. The U.S. Government has gone on a war footing with the President going to one location and the Vice President to another and FEMA is in control in many of these areas.

We advise our various State SIP Chairmen to keep their cool and to avoid irresponsible statements to the public or to your party members. Do not be surprised if some of you are visited by the F.B.I. or other agencies. You will not be alone, as the agencies will swarm everwhere looking for clues and/or links that they might consider threatening or supportive. If you are called upon by the F.B.I., be cautiously helpful if you can. Needless to say, we must support the United States and the American people including our northern neighbors in this event.

Clearly it is most likely that we will very shortly be at war, perhaps a declared war, if proof can be established that any rouge nation or nations were responsible for this coordinated attack. This will not be a time for us to point our fingers or lay partial blame against the leaders in the United States for their past foreign policy. Rather, we must, for the sake of our families, relatives and friends in the North as well as the South, support the President of the United States and, if the United States goes to war, we must support that effort.

This does not mean that we are abandoning our legitimate claims and goals for independence for the South, the protection of our heritage and the restoration of the Confederate States of America. But, even if we were already an independent nation with our own CSA government, we would need to be very supportive of the United States in this time of horror and tragedy. The reality is that we are under the governance of the United States and thus our lives and welfare are tied together.

A war will likely drain away some of the support for the Southern effort and the Southern Independence Party for the time being, but our dreams, goals and ideas shall remain. As good Confederate Americans we can continue our stand for the South and the Rebel flag and also be good neighbors and supportive friends with the United States.

Please report any suspicious persons you may know who seem to support the terrorist attacks against the United States to Chairman of the Federation of States, Dennis Joyce. Likewise, report any visits you may have from investigative agencies. We need to know what is going on nationally with our people and we will pass on to the F.B.I. possibly suspicious persons or nut cases as it may be and as these type of events often flush out.

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