We are seeing nation wide layoffs of large numbers of workers. This is not only jobs lost to NAFTA and WTO, etc. it is jobs being lost to a collapsing monetary system as the nation plunges deeper into economic instability and recession. There are still plenty of jobs in Texas in spite of some layoffs (unemployment rate only1.5%-3%), but the national situation is being allowed to happen by the Fed (Federal Reserve Bank).

The lowering interest rates by the Fed may tend to spark Wall Street a little, but it hurts older folks living on retirement income from interest. It may make the payments a little lower to buy a new house with 30 years of payments, but without jobs how can a person pay?


The other part of the equation is the ratio of loans to deposits the Fed and the FDIC allows banks to make. Leaving interest rates alone and allowing higher loans versus deposits is the another factor.

As an example lets say the ratio of loans to deposits was set at 10-1 by the Fed. (A small Bank in a medium sized town could loan out say $30,000,000.00 if they had $3,000,000.00 in deposits. ($3,000,000.00 will only earn the bank a net of less than $200,000.00 per year which is about break even for a shoe string bank)(The extra $30,000,000.00 above their deposits is simply created out of air and ink, but no one will notice).

The small bank simply borrows from larger banks at about 4.5% or from the Fed at about 2% up to their Fed imposed ratio limit. The bank charges perhaps an average of 8.5% for their loans, so this would amount to interest profits of say $1,500,000.00 per year for the bank on the created out-of-air credit which would be reflected in handsome earnings for the stock holders of that bank.

Meanwhile, directly and indirectly, the Fed earns interest at about 2% for $600,000.00 per year for their ink and air credit off of that one small bank. The nationwide earnings for the Fed stockholders are colossal and are tax exempt. This is a fraud called fractional banking that saw its hay day under Nimrod in the ancient city of Babylon.

This fraud, while similar in several respects, is thousands of times larger and more sophisticated that the Enron credit accounting scheme that is now being somewhat exposed. Because people need a safe and convenient place to put excess earnings (money) until they need it.

Depositories called banks have their place. Meanwhile, the banks have learned that they only need to keep 10% or less of cash on hand to handle their customers’ withdrawals opening the door for fractional banking. If there is a run on the bank, they could not pay everyone themselves.

But, if a run happens today, the banks simply would first get quick advances from larger banks or the Fed. Then, the FDIC (insurance) comes in to back up the scheme until the folks relax and allow the bank to use their money again. That’s the gist of how the air and ink credit fraud is managed.


If the Fed, with no fanfare or press announcements, quietly changed the ratio to say 14 – 1, that would mean that the small Bank above could loan out an additional $12,000,000.00 in that small town. Such a town would likely have several other small sized banks so perhaps an extra $40,000,000.00 of air and ink money would be available in that example town.

Suddenly all kinds of loans that had been pending or turned down for new development, new companies, housing development projects, cars and furniture would be available creating the nearly immediate need for new workers and orders of inventory of all kinds. The danger of a bank run is greater, but as long as things are good and the borrowers are able to pay the interest, people are unconcerned and no run on the bank occurs.

Then, the Fed often raises interest rates considerably in order to discourage excess borrowing and to drive the ratio down somewhat while reaping massive tax free profits for the private and foreign owners of the Fed. This drains out-of-the-air money back out of the economy as real currency redeemable in goods and land repossessed by the banking system.

The Fed also loans huge amounts to the US Government in created money (credit ink and air money) and charges interest which must be paid back by the Government in real money from the sweat and genius of the citizen slave (workers) in the form of taxes collateralized, for example, by assignment of our National Forests. That way, the foreign owners of the Fed get something real for their ink and air money.

Economists in Colleges try to assure the students that there is a basis for the money created since a Government note is the security. But, the Government must offer collateral along with their notes and there goes our oil reserves and forests, etc. Our gold has long since been stolen away in this process and even if some gold is still in Fort Knox, it is in the accounts of foreign entities rather than the U.S. Government.

The Fed. bankrupted the United States after World War I and demanded confiscation of our best collateral, our gold. President Roosevelt did this evil deed for the banksters by suspending our Constitution and confiscating all our gold currency in 1933 by threat of 10 years in prison. People had to accept ink and air paper in exchange for their gold. Our students and professors are sadly mistaken in trying to justify this massive fraud.

To pay these massive interest profits to those foreign owners of the Fed stock for their ink and air loans, the Fed (along with some of the same people and entities that own and control the Bank of England) created the IRS in order to steal the labor from the people through taxes on their labor (unconstitutional personal income tax) and Congress never passed a bill authorizing the creation of the IRS.

Congress does pass laws relating to tax rates and pork barrel deductions for their favorite corporations. This fraudulent banking system and the required taxes from the IRS result in an extreme and ruthless form of ECONOMIC BONDAGE. The hapless American people have now all been made SLAVES and forced into involuntary servitude to the Fed/IRS stranglehold.


When the Fed suspects it has pushed too far and the system is about to collapse, they have several tools more, such as loans from the International Monetary Fund, etc. Also, the Fed can cut the ratio back quietly with no disclosure to the public and small town Banks will suddenly be unable to make loans which they had been making, even to good customers and contractors.

Worse than that, they have a large number of businesses using a “line of credit” loan system which allows such business to borrow more as they need it and repay more when they have it to pay. Usually, such notes are on a 90 day basis.

When a contractor comes in to renew his 90 day credit note which he may have been doing for years, and pays his interest, the Banker has to tell him that either they cannot renew the loan of lets say $300,000.00 or that they can only renew a line of credit of $150,000.00.

This sudden and unexpected blow can be bankrupting to many businesses who cannot quickly convert enough assets to make up the reduction in credit. The bank then seizes the collateral which the contractor has put up for the loan, converting out-of-the-air money into tangible assets for the bank and the Fed system. Severe economic recession or even depression may occur from this as well as the economic hardship which is created against American businesses and workers.


Many of the international entities that own stock in the Federal Reserve Bank also own considerable and even controlling stock in several of the World’s major international oil companies who make up OPEC. This has given a new tool to the Fed owners. They can increase production and cut fuel prices suddenly putting an extra $25-$50/month in the pocket of each American family.

That creates a sudden spurt of small goods buying and aids a sick economy. Then when things look okay, they raise the fuel prices again and reduce production. Fed owners may also ask the Government through the President and Congress for tax breaks and small cash infusions to the citizens in order to help spark some recovery.


Another Control Lever that exists for these international banksters, who also own the majority of all of the other Central Banks of the industrialized world, is their ability to make immediate adjustments in the exchange rates for the currencies of the World which can bring a nation to its knees in international trade disadvantages.


We can’t tackle the problem of the whole USA, but a cohesive South, if it is able to gain its Independence and Liberty, may be able to also gain freedom for its slave population (all of us of all races) and drive the IRS out of the South along with its hidden parents the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of England. (Andrew Jackson vetoed the 2nd American Bank renewal charter for this reason and that brought the second war (1812) against us by the British. The Crown and their agents had large involvement in the 2nd American Bank).1

Returning the economy back to an asset economy rather than a debt economy will take time and much careful action. However, that is the root of roots of the economic bondage scheme around the world. Take away their ability to create money out of air that they loan us and we have to pay back with interest and the world elite will have to make major adjustments and do some belt tightening themselves and maybe sell some castles.

In other words, we must cancel the Federal Reserve Bank Charter along with the IRS for the South. The Fed is simply a slightly revised 2nd American Bank which President Jackson had vetoed earlier except that the stockholders of the Class A stock are supposed to be secret and it is mostly indirectly foreign owned or controlled. The dividends are tax exempt. See supplied chart of the Fed.

The economic policies of a Restored Confederacy will be as important as its military readiness, its trade policies and its political adhesiveness. The founding fathers knew this and tried to make gold and silver the asset basis of our money. Oil and uranium reserves also are effective in backing a currency as is the Gross National Product of goods, services and food. Since the South will not have much gold or silver to start with, a mixed basket of these other resources may be required to back our planned asset-basis monetary system.

Our envisioned asset economy worked okay for our forefathers until the international crowd inserted their agents to create dissension and chaos and re-inserted their control through credit banking schemes and centralization of power. That resulted in the War of Aggression against the South in order to force slavery of all races in the South and force the whole population into a credit economy under a planned central bank which would be owned and controlled by such international families and trusts owning Fed stock.

They had trouble getting it past some of our forefathers who remembered what Andrew Jackson (a Southerner) had taught them about this scheme. But finally, in 1913, President Woodrow Wilson under the advice of the international banking agent Col.

Wendell House, signed the Federal Reserve Bank bill handing over the people of and their assets in the United States to their new owners and slave masters, the super rich old family entities and royalty most of whom plan together in an organization referred to as “the Bilderbergers.”. These folks often have several castles (mansions) around the world and their own private jet liners and are, for the most part, largely above the laws of nations.

Reversing all of this will be difficult, take time and perhaps some compromise. Yet, if we are to be truly a free and liberated people, this must be accomplished. There is no reason that the Treasury Department of the Government of the Confederate States of America could not set up its own central bank. This way, all of the interest involved in loaning money to the various banks would go into the Treasury instead of the pockets of foreign stock holders. That, alone, would eliminate the need for personal income tax.

By the way, what happens to the billions of ink and air money that gets paid back? Is it destroyed? Why hasn’t the Fed ever been audited by the U. S. Government?
Why do we allow the Bank of England to set the value of our currency? Why doesn’t the U.S. set the value of our currency as required by our Constitution? Go see the movie “the Patriot.”



WASHINGTON, July 10, 1832
To the Senate:
   The bill “to modify and continue” the act entitled “An act to incorporate the subscribers to the Bank of the United States” was presented to me on the 4th July instant. Having considered it with that solemn regard to the principles of the Constitution which the day was calculated to inspire, and come to the conclusion that it ought not to become a law, I herewith return it to the Senate, in which it originated, with my objections.

A bank of the United States is in many respects convenient for the Government and useful to the people. Entertaining this opinion, and deeply impressed with the belief that some of the powers and privileges possessed by the existing bank are unauthorized by the Constitution, subversive of the rights of the States, and dangerous to the liberties of the people, I felt it my duty at an early period of my Administration to call the attention of Congress to the practicability of organizing an institution combining all its advantages and obviating these objections. I sincerely regret that in the act before me I can perceive none of those modifications of the bank charter which are necessary, in my opinion, to make it compatible with justice, with sound policy, or with the Constitution of our country. . . .

More than eight millions of the stock of this bank are held by foreigners. [Mostly British including the Crown]. By this act the American Republic proposes virtually to make them a present of some millions of dollars.


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