Early roots for the building of an unconstitutional super state and empire began to expose themselves under the military mind of President Andrew Jackson and were later seized upon to the extreme by the tyrant Abraham Lincoln when he became president of the United States. Lincoln did all manner of illegal and unconstitutional things that he wanted to do at the moment to further his greed for power and control of the people in the north as well as the south, including declaring war on the southern states who had seceded from his rule because they believed in the free republic founded by the founding fathers and wanted no part of building an empire.

Then followed the unconstitutional massive bill of attainder called “reconstruction” which allowed the plunder of the southern states after they had quit fighting for freedom. (Lincoln had imported over 100,000 mercenary troops from Germany to aid in the defeat and plunder of the Confederate States of America).

Then even newer symptoms of the problem were exposed by fascist minded lawyers who have infested our congress today by the passage of laws a few decades ago allowing the federal government to charge people with “conspiracy.” This was an enlargement of the idea of an older law of aiding and abetting. In aiding and abetting a person had to be directly involved in the execution of a felony such as an armed driver of a get-away car for a bank robbery, etc.

One could hardly say that such a hypothetical driver was conspiring to rob the bank because a crime had to actually occur for aiding and abetting and such an aiding and abetting driver has to actually be part of the robbery team. That made sense such as being an accessory to the crime.

But, in the newer law of conspiracy, a person only had to have talked about the idea of committing a crime and in some way contributed information or some other material assistance and did not have to be part of the team that actually committed the crime.

Under the new conspiracy laws when the crime later occurred that person who had perhaps talked with the ones who did commit the crime would also be charged with the felony of “Conspiracy”. Many other countries in Europe and even on this continent do not have such laws. Mexico will not extradite a person to the United States who has been charged by the United States with “conspiracy.”

Now federal prosecutors are trying to get congress to pass laws called “thought crimes” and one such law has been passed which is essentially a thought crime. It is called a “hate” crime. This a strong example of the extreme depredation of rights found in an un-free society of a totalitarian government. The pattern of tyranny is shown below:

  1. Aiding and abetting or accessory to a crime. That’s okay and a good law.
  2. Conspiracy to commit a crime. That is a bad law and suspect for abusive prosecution of people who did not commit the crime.
  3. Thought crimes. This is an outrageous idea giving power to government prosecutors to charge whomever they don’t like with a crime. This would be a very bad law.
  4. Declare war by Presidential edict and run the government by Executive Order.
  5. For political expediency, allow laws to be passed for the Nazi style murder of the unborn.
  6. Attack and execute people who resist unconstitutional laws using military force such as the Indian Tribes at Wounded Knee, the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidian Church at Waco plus countless other examples of an evil empire out of control even including testing biological and chemical warfare agents on the American public and military.
  7. Allow corrupt and immoral policies for the big corporations to destroy the economy of America.
  8. Attack nations all over the world who don’t go along with what we want them to do under the guise of war on terrorism. (Not just limited to Moslem nations. Consider Panama and Kosovo).
  9. Support other fascist nations in their violations of human rights and international law such as our insane and blind support of Israel in their genocide against the Palestinian people. Years of this wrongful foreign policy bought and paid for by Israel led us up to the 9-11 tragedy.
  10. Conspire with other empire minded nations for a world government in the U.N. to better control all of the people and their governments. Say goodby to freedom, individual sovereignty and peace!
  11. Deliberately try to start a Holy war against Islam in order to eliminate a religion that the fascist rulers of our government don’t like in the name of war on terrorism. (Of course, win the upcoming election for the group that is in power now).

The sad thing is that so many of the American people go for this. They shout USA! USA! And would like to see the USA control the whole world. It makes them feel powerful and important. They have grown up without a concept of freedom and peace and the idea of minding our own business. The United States is a warring Empire and not a Free and Peaceful nation.

Does any of this involve the Confederate States of America? Does any of this help the people of the South? Will it help the people of the South that 2/3rds of the planned casualties of this new war they are planning will be the sons, brothers and fathers of the people of the South?

Now, more than ever, the South needs to work to restore the Confederacy and our Southern government that must be independent from this evil Empire of the north and its King otherwise called a President. We do not have to be patsy to the war craze regardless of the imagined dangers. What about China? They have the world’s largest army and air force and they have hydrogen bombs and 10,000 mile missiles. What about Russia?

They have a very large army and air force also, and many hundreds of hydrogen bomb, and long range missiles. What about India? They have a very large army, an air force and atomic bombs. What about Pakistan? They have a powerful military and dozens of atomic bombs and delivery capability.

What about Israel? They have all manner of weapons of mass destruction including over a hundred atomic bombs and delivery capability. Any of these governments might (MIGHT?) decide to attack us. Are we supposed to go to war and attack them first??? How does that differ from what Adolf Hitler did?

No, when the Confederacy is again independent we will not be attacking other nations. We will not be getting involved deeply into their international problems with their neighbors or their own people. That is their business. We have our own business to mind and a republic to rebuild and a people to re-educate for freedom, rights and peace and to live and let live.

We will be a strong nation – too strong to be tempting for others to attack and since we will be peace loving and not involved in their affairs, they will have no cause to hate us. Who hates the Australians? They mostly mind their own business.

Now, more than ever, we must turn our Southern minds, funds and efforts towards building our own political associations and electing our own local officials until we regain our entire Confederacy. We, White, Black, Hispanic and Asiatic, who live in the South should see the wisdom and value of having our own country.

Let the United States try to rule the world and send their boys all over to die. We need not do that unless they come here again to try to rule us. But, our population and economics are about equal now rather than being only about 1/5th of the North in 1861. That should guarantee us peace in itself, and fair trade to boot. Actually, separation would be good for the North as well as the South.

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