There are tens of millions of folks in the country who are Confederates at heart. There are tens of millions of other folks who would be Confederates at heart if they knew the truth, even in the North. There are tens of thousands of such Confederates that show their colors by doing re-enactments in Confederate uniforms, by going to Confederate Balls and conferences or in reading history. But, when it comes to doing something real for the future, only a few will give their time and/or money. That is sad. Why not?

Firstly, most Confederates barely survive and don’t have much extra money and when they do have a little excess they fall into the old trap of “allowing their expenses will rise to exceed their income.” They begin the endless lure of satisfying their wants rather than being satisfied by securing their basic needs.

Secondly, most Confederates dream of the past, but work and live in the present.

  1. Many will react to NAACP or Morris Dees attacks and go to flag rallies, etc. (this is good of course, but not enough.)
  2. Some will go to “Civil War Re-enactments and camp outs as a fun thing to do by acting and dreaming of the past. (That helps keep some history alive and interests younger folks, but it is still not enough.)
  3. Many will go to meetings of the League of the South or the Sons of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Order of the Rose, Heritage groups, etc. and learn history, have a little association with other confederates and go to Confederate hero commemorations and such. (This is fulfilling as a hobby and also for social contacts and to learn a little history, but still is primarily focused on the past and simply not enough.)
  4. Some will read Confederate books and learn more history. (This study of the past is fulfilling for many, but does little to save our heritage in the future.)

Thirdly, Most Confederates like the past because it is secure and safe. They know the history and the outcome, and enjoy day dreaming of those times and imaging different and better outcomes. But, many of these, when asked to become involved in something real at the present and actually work for the future, shy away and are afraid of the future since it is unknown and the outcome of Confederate actions for the future seem uncertain with possible dangerous outcomes. Some of this group actually fears the Federal Government or for their jobs and have a hard time imagining our being able to really restore our Southern Nation. Mostly they may day dream a bit of what it could be like and stop there. But it is not going to happen by itself.

Benjamin Franklin gave us two quotes that were true in our revolutionary past and that are still true today.

(1) They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

(2) We must hang together, gentlemen…else, we shall most assuredly hang separately.

Yet, among the Confederate minded folks today there are a few valiant men and women who will work to develop the future to restore our Southern Nation in the face of the current Federal U. S. Empire and a South under occupation, de-Christianization, continued reconstruction and subjugation to the serfdom of socialism.

The American Colonists began developing a Confederate Nation in 1774 resulting in the Declaration of Independence of 1776 and the legal establishment of the Confederacy of the United States of America on March 1, 1781. Thomas M’Kean was elected as the first U. S. President. They did this in the face of the British Empire, defying the most powerful empire in the world at that time.

This, to the majority in those days, seemed insane and surely doomed to catastrophic failure. In that case WAR with the BRITISH EMPIRE was the result of the Declaration of Independence. (See the movie “The Patriot” for an excellent generally accurate historical account of that war.)

But, amazingly, American Confederate troops under General Washington with the substantial military participation from the French finally defeated Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown, Virginia in 1781 and the independence of our Colonial Confederacy was assured.

Are you afraid of the U. S. Government today? Most folks are and with good reason. Yet, is freedom and liberty worth anything to you? If not, you, your children and grandchildren deserve the slavery they are progressively being placed under and that you are allowing to happen to them.

The taxation of your personal income is involuntary servitude (slavery) and the ever increasing regulatory harassment from our Socialistic/Fascist Government is steadily tightening the chains under the direction of super-rich old line royal families and international banking empires.

The rights we used to have and cherish have now become non-existent or otherwise turned into privileges that our government may allow us, on certain occasions, to have. This is most obvious with the process seen in our judicial system today where such privileges are occasionally allowed to give the perception of rights and to furnish a cover for freedoms lost. (The “Patriot Act” hastened our enslavement even more.)

By the way, in the last decade we observed the second most powerful Empire in the world fail to attack the Ukraine and Georgia when they seceded from the U.S.S.R. Why didn’t the awesome Soviet Military crush those independence movements?

Because the Ukraine and Georgia had two many heavily armed divisions including thousands of tanks and hundreds of MIG jet fighters and because of economic weakness in the U.S.S.R. which was running many months behind on pay to their own military men. Russia decided that negotiations for peaceful coexistence was the only sane solution.

In America, more than 2/3rds of the U. S. Military comes from the South and many Southern State National Guard units on loan by the Governors of their respective States to the Federal Union of the United States have fought in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Our goal today is the Restoration of the CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA through peaceful political means. I know that sounds ridiculous and downright dangerous. However, it is actually feasible when you know of our legal and peaceful plan and without such a restoration the danger to us all is even greater and more certain.

Political, economic and cival collapse of the whole nation is at hand regardless of whether we are involved or not. If we are involved, we can help stabilize the collapse and restore order through the restoration of our Southern Nation.

Those few who hope to see their families live under Free Southern Skies are among the 300 we are trying to enlist and train. We call these the Gideon 300. These are the men who will take the time and boldness to be a County Chairman of the SIP of Texas or of the other 13-18 States we are currently organizing Southern Independence Parties (SIP’s).

Really, that only amounts to 17- 23 key men or women per State. Yet, that produces the necessary grass roots nucleus around which party machinery can effectively be developed. Of course, to really have much chance in State elections, we need to develop county chairmen in the majority of the counties which comes naturally after the State nucleus is formed.

Notice, you would be quite surprised to see the results of elections when the candidate who is independent decides to run on a truly confederate platform. Such people who otherwise might gain 30,000 votes as an independent, could expect 300,000 – 500,000 votes as confederate independents. Large numbers of Southern folks are sick of the same old Democratic/Republican highly televised and rehearsed garbage.

State SIP’s are being organized under the supervision of the Federation of States which is run by a council of State SIP Chairmen in true State’s Rights fashion. A State Organizer is assigned and the process of signing up and training County Chairmen is initiated.

There needs to be 17 or 23 county chairmen supporting an Executive Committee as a reasonable beginning political machine for each State. A State Executive Committee is formed of at least three people. A State executive Committee Chairman, Vice Chairman and a Secretary/Treasurer ultimately will be elected by holding a State Convention of the county chairmen. The other States will help where they can through the Federation.

Many who are working to survive in the present, when asked to dream of and work for the future, back away leaving only the most valiant and far sighted men and women who are willing to sacrifice and help us build the political machine of State parties.

Such a political machine can actually get a few representatives in State legislatures elected as well as a few County Commissioners, Sheriffs and Mayors which would put us in the position of being able to stop the anti-Confederate anti-Christian attacks in their tracks. Of course, even the valiant sometimes have to reduce their political activity once in a while due to economics.

But, we are grateful for all Confederate minded folks and for whatever their contribution may be for as long as they are able. To win we must have activists for the future who will responsibly execute the plan and have the perseverance to see it through.

The real goal is the Restoration of the Confederate States of America as a free and independent nation minus the IRS, the Federal Reserve, the United Nations and the alphabet soup Federal agencies running amuck in the land, eating out our sustenance and generally harassing our people while producing nothing.

First and foremost is the elimination of the Federal District Court System which aught to be done by the U.S. Congress even before our restoration occurs. Regardless of the U.S. Congress however, such removal from the Confederacy certainly and forcibly will occur immediately after restoration.

The Confederacy will have no need for U. S. Marshals, FBI, etc. They belong in the United States where those folks can keep the IRS and the Federal Reserve and the United Nations if they wish.

It is clear that movements to reform the Federal Union of the U.S. are futile lost causes! Such has been tried valiantly for many decades and has resulted in little else than wasted effort and money in exchange for a few minor gains while the evil empire continues to gain against us on many other fronts.


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